Pups In Public: Canine Citizenship

Bandanna Dogs Take A Bite Out Of Bad Behavior

While not all dogs can pass the AKC's strict guidelines for the Good Citizen Certificate their well-mannered owners can follow a few simple steps when stepping out in public.

With more and more states cracking down on leash laws and nuisance dogs, it's a good idea to remind dog owners of the merits and reasons for good K9 citizenship.

Let's Start Rover Here:

Never allow your bandana dog to leisurely sniff on lawns.

Keeping dogs moving until they get to a designated spot sends a nonverbal message that says, "Put a hold on the pee". This will prevent your dog from mistakenly soiling someone's property.

If the business spot is in a public area, such as an empty lot, clean up your dog's poop with or without a poop scoop post.

Anyone who has been to a dog park knows that odors build up. The odor may be far from your home, but chances are someone will benefit from the gifts you left behind.

Stay alert when walking your dog and reel him in when someone approaches.

As cute and lovable as your Puggle might be, some people don't feel comfortable around dogs and would really appreciate it.

This also applies to a passerby with a dog because your dog might be friendly, but the other dog might feel threatened. If your friendly dog gets bitten, who is really to blame?

The previous is especially true for all dog owners who are lax on leash laws.

Leash laws protect both good and bad dogs from harm, and they prevent innocent animals and people from becoming victims of an animal that could not control himself for reasons only the animal knows about.

Protect yourself and your dog by preventing unforeseen encounters.

For path walking, (which follows the same flow as traffic) it's best to teach your to dog to heal on your right side or left in Europe.

This way, when passing other dogs or people there is always a barrier between you and them. Trust me on this one, your dog will relieved of the stress of being the outside guard.

The "right side heel" is also handy to prevent accidents.

Sometimes anxious dogs in crowds or unusual places get a sudden urge to relieve an upset stomach or simply can't make it to a better spot. If this happens, a "right side heel" dog's waste will be on the side of the sidewalk not in the middle.

It's Time For Bandana Dogs To Show The World That They're Worthy!

To be a good k9 citizen only takes a conscious effort to think about how a non-dog person will view your actions.

If we go out of our way to be good and considerate citizens, our pups will win the right to follow us into public spaces more often.

Your neighbors would not have to stand at the window worried that your dog will relieve himself on their lawn.

And everyone could enjoy a nice walk, run, or hike in the park without poo.

You Gotta Love The Bandana Dog!

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