Four Questions Answered: Raising Chickens

Little Wagon Chicken House
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Many times when we first approach something new there’s naturally questions you may have in order to learn. So, you’ve decided you want to raise chickens, but there are just a few questions you want answered before doing so. Here are the four most popular questions asked when considering raising chickens, answered!

Where can I get my own chickens?
There are many local resources available which will sell adult chickens, baby chicks, and even fertilized eggs. Local farmers are a great way to find chickens nearby. If you do not mind waiting there are great options online where you could purchase an incubator and receive fertilized eggs for free. This is a great option as you can get everything you need right at once, and from one reliable source.

How many chickens should I get?
Before answering this question, take into consideration how much space you have available to devote to your flock. The smaller the space, the less you’ll be able to accommodate in that space. Keep in mind though that chickens are sociable creatures and do better if they have companions, so be sure you can accommodate a minimum of two chickens. Also be sure that you can devote plenty of time and attention to them.

What should I feed my chickens?

You’ve decided on how many you want in your flock, so now you have to figure out what type of food to feed your flock. Many local feed stores and local groceries contain commercial grade chicken feed. It’s best to do all research necessary as a lot of times the type of feed one would give to their flock also depends on the reason behind having that flock. For instance, one raising chickens for their eggs and meat would feed their flock differently than those raising chickens as companions or pets. Check with local veterinarians for the best possible feeding for your flock. I recommend Organic Chicken Feed if you are raising chickens for eggs or meat.

What kind of shelter should I provide my flock?
Chickens require some sort of home or coop to retire to, as well as a safe house in case they feel threatened or nervous with their surroundings. There are many chicken coops and houses available from a wide range of sizes. One could also build their own coop to provide everything they want for their flock. Be sure that whatever the shelter is that it is well ventilated, and allows easy access for you to get in and clean as needed.

If you have a question that is not listed above, local veterinarians and feed stores may be able to help. Always be sure to check local and state laws before raising your own flock to be aware of any restrictions or laws that you should know beforehand. Be sure to be as informed as possible before raising a flock of your own to ensure that your flock will be receiving the necessary attention, and also to be sure your flock is healthy and happy.


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