saving your dog from a poison bull frog

small dogs and bull frogs or poison frogs

eating or licking a frog  can be deadly for a dog, especially a small dog like a jack russell or chihuhah., the first thing you need to do when you see your dog foaming at the mouth or starting to have trouble with the air way, is try to flush out what you can out of the mouth. Most dogs start foaming at the mouth.

if your dog is having a seizure but u still feel a pulse, get the dog to the ER for animals as quickly as possible, but you do not have to breath in to the dogs mouth, and don't open the mouth and try to breath in because this can send air back into the lungs of the dog and cause pneumonia. 

At the hospital the dog will be put on iv fluids, but right away ask them to do blood wk, no an xray, because the lab values will tell you most likely what is causing the complications that the dog is having, not some xray that isn't going to show you anything other than a large bill from the dr and an unneccessary test that the dog doesn't need, unless he or she swallowed something foreign. But pay attention to what the dr is saying an use your own knowledge and look up information before they do test that may be unneccessary, just to get your money.

but if you have any expensive dr like i do, do your self a favor and invest in some cheap health insurance for them, and you will be happy in the long run.

in the mean time check out some web sites that may help you.

check out these sites for answers to a lot of questions about your loved pet.

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elaine 4 years ago

ganyan ang nangyayari today sa dog ko pero isa siyang askal paano siya ipupunta sa ER ehh para lang un sa shitzu?please answer quikly!! thanks! . . .

Johnb598 2 years ago

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