Setting Up a Hospital Tank

Setting Up a Hospital Tank

As the name suggests, the Hospital Tank is an aquarium or a container where we isolate the fish or fishes to be treated, until they are able to return to the main aquarium. It is extremely important to have an aquarium or container in reserve, for treatment.

You can use any container intended for this purpose only, with capacity from 30L to 50L, for small to medium fish (1 to 10cm). This tank can be disabled, being mounted only when needed.

How to set up our Hospital Tank - And what it should or should not have?

  • The aquarium should have no substrate, plants, decorations, activated charcoal or resins;
  • Use a mini external filter or sponge filter attached to an air pump, the water should not have a lot of movement, which could increase the 'stress' of the fish, which are already weakened;

  • Thermostat: It is safer to use a heater with thermostat, you also need a thermometer;
  • Fill with water up to 50% of the aquarium where the fish was plus 50% of new packaged water;

Armed with the above mentioned equipment, put everything to work and wait a few minutes before introducing the fish. Avoid using any type of lighting for the medicine to work because it can lose some effect derivative to sensitivity to the light, it is recommended to cover at least the upper part of the aquarium (the lid) with some cloth or similar.

Taken all necessary precautions, you can put the fish and let them get used to the new aquarium. If you are using some medicine, do it immediately. Thereafter, should be kept under observation to ascertain the evolution.

Must be changed, daily, 50% of the total volume of water replenishing the proper dose of medicine.

As a suggestion to use soluble vitamins (suitable for fish) for the duration of treatment. It is a valuable investment in helping fish recover more quickly. In many cases, these vitamins provide a rich source of nutrients that can compensate in part the power supplied to the fish, which may be deficient.

If the fish are too agitated, may the hospital tank be mounted in an area of ​​great movement of people. Then you can put in a little embellishment or PVC pipe in order to create a hiding place or shelter.

Treatment time can vary from case to case. As long as the treatment of your fish, avoid touching the aquarium and be the least possible time close to it. Only what is necessary to observe the progress of treatment and to feed the fish. You can use live foods like brine shrimp, soaked for a few minutes on the medicine and then distributed. It is a very good method, that it would help to heal faster the fish.

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