Small Chicken Coops - Great for Backyard Chickens

Backyard Chicken Coops

Many are coming to enjoy the ample benefits of raising their own backyard chickens. From harvesting your own eggs, to keeping your backyard pets happy, raising chickens has become an easy task and one that many families are enjoying together.

If you are planning on raising your own backyard chickens one of the biggest tasks to decide upon is your chicken’s coop. As most backyards are of a smaller size, you’ll want to be sure to keep a space saving chicken coop. Next, there are a series of questions to ask oneself regarding the raising and upkeep of your chicken.

Question one: Do you plan on letting your chickens to roam, or would you prefer they stay in the safety of their coop? You can decide on how much space to give your chickens in your backyard by building a fence to enclose the area. The smaller the backyard, the less space you’ll have available to allow your chickens to roam. If your backyard is small, then a small chicken coop is best. Understand though the smaller the coop the less chickens you can care for. The last thing you want to do is stuff all your chickens into a small space and have them fend for themselves.

Question two: Is raising your backyard chickens a hobby or family activity? If so, a great idea is to build your own coop. By building your own coop you can decide the exact measurements for size, height, and even the quality of materials being put in. By building your own coop you are creating a great family activity. Your children will love the opportunity to help construct and paint their very own coop. If you’d prefer not to build your own there are many stores available to offer unfinished coops so your children can still take part in the fun of painting and designing their own coop.

Question three: How many chickens do you realistically have space for? As stated earlier, the last thing you want to do is shove 6 chickens into a space that only fits 2 comfortably. Take into consideration the size of your yard, the size of your coop, and how much space you plan on devoting to your chickens. Once taking all that in, decide how many chickens could comfortably live in that space. Make sure that each chicken will have ample space to eat, roam, and use the restroom without having to stomp all over their siblings.

Once you’ve taken into consideration the top three questions, decide your coop accordingly. A backyard may be a smaller space, but with the proper consideration and planning, your chickens will be happy to roam the space. A smaller chicken coop is ideal for a smaller space, and whether you decide to build your own or purchase one, just be sure to take into account the amount of space that will be available to your new pets and take it from there.

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