some people should definitely not be allowed to have animals


I am writing this as a follow up to my last article 'some people should not be allowed to have animals'.

The issue concerned was my neighbours leaving their pregnant cat and a kitten for a month on their own as they went to Turkey for a holiday. I found the kitten a loving home and their response on returning was 'he probably went to live elsewhere'. They were excited that the poor cat at one year of age was pregnant again and they would receive £40 per kitten as with the last 'batch' of five.

My family fell out with me for 'interfereing'. Their argument being I shouldn't have re-homed the kitten. I'm sorry, but animals don't have a voice and if we don't look after them then noone will. They didn't ask to be born. I spoke to the neighbour and explained that the mother cat needed to be spayed. She's tiny and fragile and having too many litters could be detrimental to her health. I was promised that they would book her in to the vet.

That was about three months ago and she still hasn't been spayed. The weather is bitter and frosty here in the UK and she is living outside. She gave birth to a litter of six, they got their coveted £40 each for them. The poor mother cat comes running up to me each time I leave or enter my house. I went into their garage to see a disgusting, dirty litter tray and no food or water.

I have been threatened with eviction if I interfere as I'm living at my mother's house at the moment and she doesn't want to upset the neighbours. I'm bound as I'm out of work and the resession in the UK looks to get worse. There isn't a hope in hell of affording my own house unless I find work which frankly, doesn't exist.

I have been feeding the poor cat each day and heard a knock at the door yesterday, the neighbour stated to my Mother they were going to Turkey for the festive season then moving away. I heard my Mother wishing them luck and joy at receiving their gift of a bottle of wine. There was no mention of the Cat.

I went to the door and asked the neighbour 'what about the Cat?'

Her response was 'oh, she's ok, she lives outside anyway'. I stated that it was freezing, her response was 'she's fine' backed up by my Mother's innane response that 'Cat's are fine outside as they have fur coats'. Perhaps a maine coon would be equipped with our weather conditions but a fragile, dainty short haired tabby is definitely not.

I have let her in but my two Cat's are not keen. My long haired moggy is ok but my little half siamese who is like my shadow is jealous. Each time i've let her in, My Mum has kicked off and put the mother Cat out. She is such a beautiful little Cat and so affectionate. If I hadn't been feeding her then she probably wouldn't be here.

I have made the decision to try and re-home her without my Mother's consent. I won't make the mistake of telling my family this time as they don't understand. I left out some chicken last night and she'd gobbled it up with relish.

My best friend is going to take her in despite having a tiny house with nine Cats and two Dogs. I am going to pay to have her spayed, treated for fleas and worms. I've not been able to sleep with the unbearable cruelty of it all. The neighbours are extremely wealthy and to pay for the Cat wouldn't even make a dent. I'm on benefits, can't get a Teaching job and will really struggle to pay for my own two Cats as will my friend who can hardly afford to eat.

I'm writing this to reinforce the fact that treatment of animals like this is wrong. I'm furious in fact. My Mum is out this evening so i'm taking the mother Cat round to Sarah's (my best friend) and noone will be the wiser and sadly, I doubt they'll even care.

Honesty I have found is not always the best policy.

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bac2basics profile image

bac2basics 3 years ago from Spain

Hi Tara. What utterly cruel and selfish people your neighbours are, sadly not on their own. Why don´t you contact the cats protection league and they will take on the cat, do all that is necessary at the vets, and find her a good loving home. You did exactly the right thing homing the kitten and I wish you well with the mother cat.

Peanutritious profile image

Peanutritious 3 years ago from Cheshire, UK Author

They are truly disgusting. Sadly, I used to be a member of the 'cats protection league' and fell out with them when they re-homed Cats to a well known satanist who threw several kittens from his balcony. The 'home checks' they do in my town are 'non existent' and used merely to get rid of surplus cats. That's why I've not phoned them. Thanks for reading and commenting though. I feel like i'm banging my head against a brick wall. If I still had my own place, it would be a loving home to all these little scraps. x

Dreamhowl profile image

Dreamhowl 3 years ago from United States of America

That's terrible. Here the neighbors have outdoor cats but they at least seem well fed and are probably spayed (as they are all over the neighborhood and not pregnant). You did the right thing. The other day at my job, a woman with her rescue dog told me that, to get rid of the smell of her dog being in heat because she couldn't bathe her yet, she sprayed her. With Lysol cleaning spray. Yes, some people should not have animals.

travmaj profile image

travmaj 3 years ago from australia

I feel for you and thank you for doing all you can under the circumstances. It's so sad and so unfair - these people should definitely not be allowed animals - unfortunately there are so many more people like them. Right now, puppies will be bought for Christmas only to be neglected when the puppy grows and the thrill wears off. I hate cruelty to any animals - glad you found a way - best wishes....

loseraspie profile image

loseraspie 3 years ago from USA

Aw those poor cats.

Peanutritious profile image

Peanutritious 3 years ago from Cheshire, UK Author

Thanks Dreamhowl. People beggar belief don't they! Thanks for your support. Tara

Peanutritious profile image

Peanutritious 3 years ago from Cheshire, UK Author

travmaj, Thank you. As I speak, I have the female cat here in my house by the fire. My Mum actually said, 'That poor cat, all on her own in that cold garage' and allowed me to let her in! Buffy and Muppet are ok. A bit of hissing between Buffy (my fiesty little siamese cross) and the female cat (Muppet is fine)i'm so happy, she's warm and has company. Fingers crossed I can persuade my mum that she'll be happy here and her owners) don't deserve such a lovely cat.

Peanutritious profile image

Peanutritious 3 years ago from Cheshire, UK Author

loseraspie, thanks :) hopefully, for this cat, it'll be a happy ending, fingers crossed.

loseraspie profile image

loseraspie 3 years ago from USA

You're Welcome. I hope that cat goes to a good home.

Carl Wainwright profile image

Carl Wainwright 3 years ago

Some people are really cruel using animals for their own financial gain and not caring about their welfare or looking after them. Good on you and Sarah for doing something about it.

Peanutritious profile image

Peanutritious 3 years ago from Cheshire, UK Author

Thanks Carl, She is cutrrently at mine but Mum is is insistent that we are not keeping her. I've got some persuading to do over christmas!

epigramman profile image

epigramman 3 years ago

Well Miss Tara that is the first time I have ever been called a little sauce pot - lol.

It's always so nice to connect with you and I sincerely hope all is well with you these days. This is a life affirming story and because of your beautiful heart and intrepid mind you made it so.

My two best friends are Little Miss Tiffy and Mister Gabriel so you will know how I felt when I read your story.

And yes some humans are not even fit to have other humans .......

Sending you my warmest wishes and deepest respects for this story from Colin and his cats at lake erie time ontario canada 3:15pm

Peanutritious profile image

Peanutritious 3 years ago from Cheshire, UK Author

Hi little sauce pot (sorry, Epi!)

I hope all is well with you, Little Miss Tiffy and Mister Gabriel too.

I took the mother Cat in, got her spayed and micro chipped then the neighbours turned up out of the blue (they had moved house) and grabbed her! I'm heartbroken :(

The only consolation is at least the poor little thing can't get pregnant again.

All the best to you.

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