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Decided on quails for your new pet or hobby? Well, besides keeping your quails happy, feeding your quails is perhaps the most important thing to do to maintain healthy quails. This brings about a very important question: What does one feed their quails? Great question! First things first be sure to note what your purpose for raising quails is. Next, be sure to provide shelter and safety for your quails to flourish!

First and foremost, always check local and state laws regarding raising and keeping quails as pets. Secondly, check local vets and make sure to find a vet you trust to help aid you in maintaining healthy quails. Knowing what to feed your quails, and what to look for in case your quails were to come ill are very important and one should familiarize themselves with this information beforehand.

Most quails prefer their food to be bite size, as a quail’s beak is very small. There is plenty of feed that is available in bite size, but for the owner who prefers to make their own meals be sure that the meal is bite size for your quails. If you do decide to mix your quails food be sure to find out every detail from your vet to ensure your quail will be receiving the proper amount of nutrients and vitamins.

Next, it is recommended that one does plenty of research before settling on a commercial brand of feed, as sometimes these feeds are full of fillers and unnecessary nutrients. Sometimes commercial brand feed is actually worse off for your quails, and may not provide enough nutrients or too many fillers.

For those raising their quails for purposes other than pets or hobbies, such as for consumption or breeding, different feeding may be needed. Secondly, based on the quails age, younger quails will require a different amount of feed than an adult. Make sure to keep track of your quails ages as they grow to be sure they will continue to get the proper amount of feed. For young and baby quails a “starter” quail feed is recommended. Ask your local feed store what brand is best recommended for a starter.

Once your quail reaches the proper age, research what type of feed would then become suitable. Remember, feeding is not only based on age, but also based on your purpose for having and maintaining quails. Local vets will be able to direct you and help you pick out the right feed for your purposes.

Whatever your purpose may be for raising quails, the most important piece of advice is just to keep your quails healthy. An unhealthy quail will not flourish and will become more of a burden to care for. Always be sure to give plenty of attention and a large enough space to roam in for ideal quail development.

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