Wild Animals

  • Top 5 Solitary Predators

    Top 5 Solitary Predators

    by BryanLSC9 months ago

    Can you name 5 predatory animals that hunts alone? Read on to find out!

  • Jungle Coloring Pages

    Jungle Coloring Pages

    by Jeanette2 years ago

    A selection of jungle coloring pages featuring lots of different kinds of animals and plants.

  • Best Documentaries On African Wildlife

    Best Documentaries On African Wildlife

    by Glen Kowalski2 years ago

    Here I review some of my favorite African wildlife documentaries with viewing guidelines.

  • The Amur Leopard

    The Amur Leopard

    by Linda Hoxie13 months ago

    These beautiful Amur Leopards are so rare and endangered that they really need us to help save them.

  • Animal Tracks Unit Study

    Animal Tracks Unit Study

    by Evelyn Saenz24 months ago

    Wildlife leave animal tracks near your home. Watch for their footprints in snow, mud or sand. Use these activities to help you remember which animals go with these prints. Come look for animal tracks!

  • The Lynx or Bobcat

    The Lynx or Bobcat

    by Linda Hoxie2 years ago

    The dominant feature that most think about with the big cat known as the Lynx, is their hair tufts on the end of their ears. Beautiful and elusive. Those that have seen them in the wild are lucky.

  • Top 10 Largest Land Carnivores

    Top 10 Largest Land Carnivores

    by boomerex4 years ago

    In order to determine which land carnivores are the largest we must first understand what a carnivore is and what we mean by 'largest'. Does the largest mean the most massive, the longest, the tallest or a combination...

  • Saving Trumpeter Swans at Lonesome Lake

    Saving Trumpeter Swans at Lonesome Lake

    by Athlyn Green2 months ago

    Ralph Edwards and his daughter Trudy are true Canadian heroes who saved the endangered swan population at Lonesome Lake.

  • All About the Genet

    All About the Genet

    by dc64 lm4 years ago

    Though only distantly related to cats, the Genet is a beautiful cat-like creature that is as playful as a kitten! On this page you'll find information on a Genet's habitat, coloration, diet, behavior, and what they are...

  • How We Saved Spike the Baby Hedgehog

    How We Saved Spike the Baby Hedgehog

    by Karen Evans12 months ago

    When I took a scared little hedgehog to a local animal sanctuary, I met a whole group of animals who were also being given a second chance thanks to the kindness of members of the public.

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