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Instagram is the newest trend (at least after Facebook bought) for iPhone and android users, which allows users to apply a filter to photos and upload and share them across the internet. Browsing Instagram (and through the people that I follow), there are thousands of photos to view, and many, many tags to search through. Here I have created a list of my 10 favourite Instagram photographers. I have included their about me sections, three of my favourite photos by them and links to their online profiles to you can check them out! Also added is a reason as to why I like them.

*Note: Some users are now no longer active, though I have kept them here because they had some wonderful pictures! It could be they changed their username, or got a new profile.

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"Stop right there!""Curiosity""Not a cloud in the sky today..."
"Stop right there!"
"Stop right there!" | Source
"Curiosity" | Source
"Not a cloud in the sky today..."
"Not a cloud in the sky today..." | Source

1. kewiki

About them: A guy with an iPhone who loves taking pics & meeting new people on IG! Hubs to @musiccityace, Dad to @kewikikidz & creator of @wilburtheant.

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Why I like them: The photos are vibrant and they stand out in thumbnail views. He also holds contests and the winners are given prizes. He makes his Instagram an active profile by advertising these winners and finalists. I also like the fact he does not stick to a theme and takes photos of different and interesting objects and topics.

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"I liked this better yesterday""Today has been wonderful""ColorBlast is a very fun form of procrastination"
"I liked this better yesterday"
"I liked this better yesterday" | Source
"Today has been wonderful"
"Today has been wonderful" | Source
"ColorBlast is a very fun form of procrastination"
"ColorBlast is a very fun form of procrastination" | Source

2. libbynew (no longer active)

About them: ✝. English.

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Why I like them: Many of the photos seem to use the same filter, which is interesting because the focus of the photographs aren't all the same, which changes the feelings about the photo. She appears to have a main theme with nature, being trees, grass and flowers, but also has a personal collection of images as well.

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"Microphone painting""Better don't ask sometimes!"
"Microphone painting"
"Microphone painting" | Source
"Better don't ask sometimes!"
"Better don't ask sometimes!" | Source

3. livepainter

About them: I paint onstage during live music, I only post my own art. For my videos: ACRYLICGROOVE.COM

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Why I like them: Although not photography, these paintings are very emotive and colourful, standing out among photos. He takes Instagram to another level and advertises his own canvas work.

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"Space, the final frontier""Iris, germanica""Blue hour"
"Space, the final frontier"
"Space, the final frontier" | Source
"Iris, germanica"
"Iris, germanica" | Source
"Blue hour"
"Blue hour" | Source

4. stoepsomat

About them: life, people, good food, wine, traveling, cooking, photography, art, culture, indy movies, nature, Sagittarius, Twitter: @stoepsomat --- Facebook: facebook.com/stoepsomat

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Why I like them: Some of his photos are colourful, whether it be a food photograph, nature or other. He takes us through his life, showing some of the places he goes, the food he might be eating, and occasionally you'll see him. I find his photos to be relaxing.

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"Curvilinear""Patterns Among Chaos""Just a quick take to the stairs"
"Curvilinear" | Source
"Patterns Among Chaos"
"Patterns Among Chaos" | Source
"Just a quick take to the stairs"
"Just a quick take to the stairs" | Source

5. skwii

About them: @AMPt and @IGersFinland --- tumblr: skwii.tumblr.com --- Facebook: Jussi U. --- Photography -jussi.ulkuniemi@gmail.com

FOLLOW skwii!

Why I like them: I've only recently found this user, and I really like the almost neutral or muted tones. I find it interesting that in most of their photos there is a human figure, sometimes the focus of the photograph.

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"Make cupcakes with my friend!""Fuck. Homework.""Smoothie"
"Make cupcakes with my friend!"
"Make cupcakes with my friend!" | Source
"Fuck. Homework."
"Fuck. Homework." | Source
"Smoothie" | Source

6. jenniferphoto

About them: JGarpemyr on Twitter

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Why I like them: Her photos are bright in colour, and she must use another app for filtering effects. However, the rounded edges are unique to the user and her photographs are almost cute in style, including the picture of a sheep.

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"Conciliation and happiness""Autumn tree""Spring tree"
"Conciliation and happiness"
"Conciliation and happiness" | Source
"Autumn tree"
"Autumn tree" | Source
"Spring tree"
"Spring tree" | Source

7. candy.brandy (no longer active)

About them: The camera doesn't make a bit of difference. All of them can record what you are seeing. But, you have to see. iPhone 4, Nikon D90 Kira, with <3

FOLLOW candy.brandy!

Why I like them: Her photos are fun! That's the main reason I follow her, but also because they are somewhat exciting, some even weird. Her dog is the star of many pictures, and you can see she has her own personality. Like stoepsomat, she takes us through parts of her life with Instagram.

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"The Winston meets San Francisco""No sun street""Crash"
"The Winston meets San Francisco"
"The Winston meets San Francisco" | Source
"No sun street"
"No sun street" | Source
"Crash" | Source

8. ikedeani

About them: Designer. Photographer. Art Director. — San Francisco

FOLLOW ikedeani!

Why I like them: I love photos of the cityscape, quite simply. Again, this user takes us through parts of her life with these photographs, as well as advertising herself as a proper photographer. Her photographs could easily be identified, and some of them convey great emotions, mostly joy and excited.

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"Sunrise at Burberry Horseferry House in Westminster""View from Lambeth bridge.""Burberry lights up Taipei 101 before the start of the event"
"Sunrise at Burberry Horseferry House in Westminster"
"Sunrise at Burberry Horseferry House in Westminster" | Source
"View from Lambeth bridge."
"View from Lambeth bridge." | Source
"Burberry lights up Taipei 101 before the start of the event"
"Burberry lights up Taipei 101 before the start of the event" | Source

9. burberry

About them: A 156 year-old global brand with distinctly British attitude.

FOLLOW burberry!

Why I like them: Although burberry is a global brand, they use Instagram as an advertising tool, as well as taking other photos that are not related to their products. The photos appear slightly monotone, but it adds to the mood and relates to the weather when photographed.

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"Sleep tight""Selamat malam" ("Good evening")"Is this love?"
"Sleep tight"
"Sleep tight" | Source
"Selamat malam" ("Good evening")
"Selamat malam" ("Good evening") | Source
"Is this love?"
"Is this love?" | Source

10. aidygoena (no longer active)

About them: http://aidygoena.wordpress.com

FOLLOW aidygoena!

Why I like them: The photos are very sensual, and focus on homosexuality. It is rare to find photos such as these and the photographer is advertising his work through Instagram. They are bold photos for Instagram, but there is a lightness to the photographs themselves. Instagram is again being used to advertise himself as a real photographer.

*Note: Though there is no nudity in the photos, I am labelling them NSFW as they display homosexual acts.*

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"Best friend driving""Grandparent's cat""Up the tall tree"
"Best friend driving"
"Best friend driving" | Source
"Grandparent's cat"
"Grandparent's cat" | Source
"Up the tall tree"
"Up the tall tree" | Source

Personal: ttylerjamess

About me: Male, 21, Australian, Aries

FOLLOW ttylerjamess!

Why I use Instagram: I've had Instagram for over a year, though I hardly used it at first. I use it as a documentation of my life almost, though in an almost abstract sense. I don't have a theme and I don't use one particular filter, as one filter doesn't fit with the type of feeling I want to convey in my pictures. It's also a fun app to use and to discover other artists, as well as being able to "discover the world."

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