15 More of the Best Modern Day Artists - Part 2

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Ah yes, I couldn't keep you waiting too long... here are three more of the best modern day artists!

Once again, I'm posting them in alphabetical order so the order has nothing to do with ranking them. It's all up to you anyways; the art you like is the art YOU like and I'd have a hard time trying to rank these artists since their styles are so varied.

I like SO many artists but these are some of the best artists that really stood out to me. So enjoy the next group of three artists and feel free to explore their artistic creations through their websites. It's always better to get it from the source and I'm sure they'd appreciate you stopping by!

No One - In Particular: RGB by Evan Penny
No One - In Particular: RGB by Evan Penny

Evan Penny

The first artist I'd like to show you is Evan Penny who is originally from South Africa but is now a Canadian citizen. And when you look at his art you might think at first that he's a creative photographer but I think you need to look at things a little closer. What his art usually is is a three dimensional sculpture that looks SO realistic. And he doesn't usually aim to make perfect sculptures that you'd normally see other sculptors create, when they sculpt the human body.

He likes to create sculptures that look like everyday people and he'll sometimes modify them a bit and distort the whole presentation of his sculpture. But as you can see on the right, his art looks really realistic. And to make sculptures like that he uses things like silicone, pigment, hair and aluminum to give it that realistic look.

But if you want to check out more of his work then head on over to his site HERE and explore the crazy sculptures he's come up with!

Moose by Haroshi
Moose by Haroshi


The next artist I want to flash before your eyes is Haroshi who is a Japanese artist who creates these amazing mosaic pieces from parts of skateboards. Yeah, that's pretty creative isn't it? He loves skateboarding and has a hard time throwing away broken skateboards so he recycled them and started making art out of them.

And as you can see from the picture on the right, he likes to cut the skateboards into different shapes and sizes and then fit them together so that it's a colorful, 3D sculpture. I have to say that it's one of the most creative ideas I've seen and it takes recycling to a whole new level: it makes it beautiful!

But if you want to check out more of his work then head on over to his site HERE and browse through all the different ways he's used skateboards in his mosaics. 

Testudinidae sp. (Rikugame) by Iori Tomita
Testudinidae sp. (Rikugame) by Iori Tomita

Iori Tomita

The next artist I want to reveal to you is Iori Tomita who is from Japan and once again uses quite a creative approach to make his art. You see, there's a method that was used to study the skeletal system of living creatures where you could make the proteins transparent and then dye them different colors. And well, Iori Tomita took that a step further and perfected the process to really bring out the colors and forms of the specimens.

So when you look at his creations, like the one on the right, it's as if you're looking at a really artistic, scientific exhibit. It lets you see the inner workings of the animals in a different light. And if you're lucky enough to see an exhibit of his in person, I'm sure it's even more amazing than pictures!

But if you want to check out the rest of his skeletal modifications then head on over to his site HERE and check out his "New World Transparent Specimens". 

Who's your favorite artist out of the second three?

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I hope I have helped you explore the world of art a little bit more but don't stop exploring when you finish reading this article. Go check out their sites and explore everything they've done because I chose what really popped out to me... there is so much more you're missing out on! So definitely go to the source of this artwork and try to absorb as much of their work as you possibly can.

And, as always, don't forget to vote on who (out of these three) is your favorite artist on the right. There are three more artists on the way!

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danielleantosz profile image

danielleantosz 5 years ago from Florida

Very cool! I love finding new artists, thanks for sharing.

Bendo13 profile image

Bendo13 5 years ago from Colorado Springs, Colorado Author

Glad I could help broaden your artistic horizons! Thanks for reading!

Princess Pitt 5 years ago

wow, they are so cool... since i have a thing on arts it got my interest to check on it...

I actually voted Evan penny, gosh..his work is exquisite...can't even imagine how'd u do that LOL.

Anyway, i think i still have my love of arts, thanks for sharing....

Voted up and awesome..YAY!

Bendo13 profile image

Bendo13 5 years ago from Colorado Springs, Colorado Author

Glad you liked it Princess Pitt! You can see part of the process Evan goes through in the video I provided... it's probably a really long process but it comes out so well! Thanks for reading and thanks for the votes!

prasetio30 profile image

prasetio30 5 years ago from malang-indonesia

I love art and this hub was beautiful. I really enjoy all informations here. Well done, my friend.

FloraBreenRobison profile image

FloraBreenRobison 5 years ago

I choose Evan Penny. I thought his work was sculpture when I look at it, and sure enough, it wasn't a photograph. I'm quite drawn towards sculpture, although none of the artists in my family are portrait sculptors. and now, I've gone and responded to these out of order. I suppose that I should go back to the first 15 artists and read the parts in order. Oh, well.

Bendo13 profile image

Bendo13 5 years ago from Colorado Springs, Colorado Author

Glad you liked it, prasetio30! There's more on the way...

Yes definitely check out them all, FloraBreenRobison! I wrote the first series a while ago but I'm still a fan of all of these artists. I have a few more to post for this series, but I probably won't get to it until next week.

Alladream74 profile image

Alladream74 5 years ago from Oakland, California

Thanks for the hub.Good to always keep up to speed with the art world. Bookmarked and voted up!

Bendo13 profile image

Bendo13 5 years ago from Colorado Springs, Colorado Author

Definitely Alladream74... thanks for the vote!

Simone Smith profile image

Simone Smith 5 years ago from San Francisco

Whoah, Haroshi is awesome, and I'd never even heard the name before! Great Hub!

Bendo13 profile image

Bendo13 5 years ago from Colorado Springs, Colorado Author

Glad I could open your eyes to some new art, Simone Smith... thanks for reading!

rosettaartist1 profile image

rosettaartist1 5 years ago from United Kingdom

I like your series.

Bendo13 profile image

Bendo13 5 years ago from Colorado Springs, Colorado Author

Thanks rosettaartist1, it was a lot of fun to put together!

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