25 Ways to Fill a Journal Page

Ever get the urge to write, create, or just be in your journal? You pull out that perfect book you spent an hour picking out, you open up to the next blank page, possibility abounding, and then...nothing. Fear not! The below suggestions will get your creative art/writing journal juices flowing in no time.

1. Make a list. Make a list of dreams, wants, needs, to-dos, to-haves, anything.
2. Make it colorful. Fill your page with color in whatever ways you can imagine. Pastels, colored pencils, paint, dirt, household chemicals...
3. Fill it with your favorite lyrics or quotes.
4. Sketch a scene from real life.
5. Make a mind map
6. Write a letter to someone.
7. Fill your page with a single shape. Circles, squares, etc. But don't draw any of them!
8. Make a collage with the daily newspaper.
9. Write down 20 things you're grateful for.
10. Write a story about your upcoming year.
11. Make ten different textures on your page with whatever medium you enjoy.
12. Take it to an art museum and create an original version of your favorite work.
13. Use Flickr to find inspiration for your next page.
14. Illustrate a scene from your perfect day.
15. Make a mini inspiration board of things you want to manifest in your life.
16. Explore a new technique such as tea-staining or using gesso.
17. Use your page to brainstorm ideas about your other art. Paint a new jewelry design, sketch out a scrapbook page, etc.
18. Use something from nature in your page.
19. Make a portrait of yourself using magazine clippings.
20. Write the first word that comes to mind. Fill the rest your page with images related to your word.
21. Tear a page out of another book and use it as the basis of a new page.
22. Use your page to set your artistic goals for the upcoming month, quarter, or year. Make it beautiful.
23. Make a collage inspired by your perfect day.
24. Change up your location to boost your inspiration. Create a page outside, at your friend's house, at the mall, at a playground, etc...
25. Just show up. No matter what you're feeling, open up your notebook, show up to your page, and it will lead you to your next creation.

A beautiful journaling page
A beautiful journaling page | Source

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ArtByCari profile image

ArtByCari 5 years ago

This is great to use with my middle school students when they need ideas for their sketchbooks. Thanks.

profile image

Create the Spark 5 years ago Author

Thanks for my first comment, Cari!

Michaelmas profile image

Michaelmas 5 years ago from St Louis, MO

Great article. It's an excellent starting point to improving creativity without being intimidating right away

EyesStraightAhead profile image

EyesStraightAhead 5 years ago from Connecticut, USA

Great article to help those starting out or experiencing a "writer's block" of sorts when it comes to journaling! I also like to note each year what books I would like to read, or make a collage of decorating ideas I would like to incorporate. I also love to collect items from the seasons and save them on the page with a page protector stapled into the journal and words written around it about the event in which I collected them.

profile image

Amanda Beck Mauck 5 years ago

Great Article! :)

jenniferg78 profile image

jenniferg78 5 years ago from Philadelphia, PA

This is a great article. Lists always help me see things differently. Good idea for getting the creative juices flowing.

Abie Taylor 4 years ago

I love my notebooks but I can never find a way to fill them up! Thanks for the article, helped a lot:)

Abie, 12 xxx

trusouldj profile image

trusouldj 3 years ago from Indiana

Very inspirational. Thank you.

Wqeqeerrrrrrttyyyyuuuîi 2 years ago

I like half of those things

Jo 2 years ago

This is brilliant! I've written them all down! Thanks XX

Primadonnacrafts.com 2 years ago

Great ideas and I will have to start journalling again.

Patricia 22 months ago

Thank you! I have so many notebook to fill in these awesome stuff! Thanks again

Chammi Kaiser 19 months ago

Great ideas. Thanks for sharing.

loggan 19 months ago

i am loggan

intriguewriter profile image

intriguewriter 16 months ago from worldwide

Great list! Filling a page is something I am always interested in doing. Especially with my art journals. Thanks for this post!

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