3 websites to download great free fonts

Which free font will you download?
Which free font will you download?

Quite often when we are writing or creating web or print content which includes graphics, a requirement may arise where a new font could be used to add more dimension and character to the art or graphic that is being created.

You start looking on your own computer for the font that may add that zest you are looking for to your design. If you’re lucky you will find it on your computer if not then you may want to search the web for websites that will allow you to download free graphic fonts. Listed below are 3 of my best free font websites that allow you to view the graphic image of the font and then if you like it you can download and use the font for free.

Designers who work so hard in putting together amazing graphics or artwork are always looking for free fonts that they can utilise in their work.  Using fonts designers can add that extra definition to their content, whether it, be just textual or with images by adding that nice font or matching the font to the image it can help to enhance your work that much more.

Here are some of my best sites that offer free font downloads:

(1) AcidFonts

I like this free font website as it gives you a very nice graphic view of the font, if you like you simply click on download, once downloaded on your computer you can install and use. The website has huge selection of great fonts that would most definitely add that extra appeal to any content you produce.

AcidFonts website image shown
AcidFonts website image shown
fontstock website image
fontstock website image

(2) FontStock

This is another free font website that has a host of very impressive fonts that could change the feel and look of your new graphic or art work. I have downloaded many fonts from this site; I quite like the ‘Abite’ font image shown below:

You can download free fonts, for your creative genius!
You can download free fonts, for your creative genius!
DaFont website image
DaFont website image

(3) DaFont

This free font website has many hundreds of fonts and selecting a font of your choice is easy. The free font files are arranged in categories such that you can choose a category that you like and select the required font style from it. You are also provided with an instant preview the selected free font style. Downloading the free font is easy as pressing the download button. The site also lists fonts for other languages.

So whatever font style you like, whichever great free font you want to download why not click your way to the above free font websites and get your very own sleek free font.

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Zubair Ahmed profile image

Zubair Ahmed 4 years ago Author

Hi genuineaid,

Thank you for reading and the comment,if your involved in design and print then it is very useful to have these free font sites. Makes life allot easier when you can quickly assemble a print.

genuineaid profile image

genuineaid 4 years ago from USA

Thank for sharing this list of font sites, I don't think I've seen them before :/

Zubair Ahmed profile image

Zubair Ahmed 5 years ago Author

Hi tylergee,

Thank you for stopping by and commenting. You're right it can get tedious looking at the same fonts. Tat's why I have created a list of sites that provide different fonts. 3 of those are listed above.

All the best

profile image

tylergee 5 years ago

I had used DaFont before, but it got tedious constatnyl seeing the same fonts when searching for new ones. Thanks for the other great useful sites!

Zubair Ahmed profile image

Zubair Ahmed 5 years ago Author

Hi Shanaya,

Many thanks for stopping by and commenting on my hub, I am glad that you liked it.

All the best

Zubair Ahmed profile image

Zubair Ahmed 5 years ago Author

Hi Sweetie1,

Thank you again for your lovely comment. And a big thank you in anticipation of you passing it onto your friends. I am now thinking of using some of these fonts in my hubs to jazz things up a little.

All the best

shanaya profile image

shanaya 5 years ago from Living in my Own Dreams:)

Its very useful HUB. i realy needed these kind of information about FONTS. and your HUB helped me at the right time. Thanks for your info..keep up the good work..god bless you:)

sweetie1 profile image

sweetie1 5 years ago from India


nice article, i dont think i woul download them as i am not computer savvy and dont use much fonts but i would give these sites to few friends who are always doing something on computer.

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