A Review of the Artist Pino

While not often included among some of his better known works, the quintessential master of nostalgic seascapes has captured a special spirit in what could be referred to as a sister set. Close to Home, Golden Afternoon, Remember When and Seaside Walk.

Taking a wistful and nostalgic approach as a great body of his work does, there is an added element of connection with these particular works. It takes very little imagination to envision the subjects of this set as the same mother and daughter – strikingly obvious in the Seaside Walk and Remember When, slightly younger in Golden Afternoon, and slightly older in Close to Home. It would appear in many of his works to have striking similarities, this woman and child appear often, sometimes with his signature alter ego, sometimes without. The landscape, although done with different views and texturing, gives the impression of being the same region, possibly the very same rocky beach. With so many on the same subject matter, especially with his massive range, it does give one cause to ponder – could they have been his own wife, Chiara and daughter Paola? We may never know for certain, but the time and setting would have most certainly been right.

A slight variation from his more typical seascapes of the beautiful woman gazing wistfully, lost in thought, this collection is an almost more intimate look at the tender connection of family. In almost candid poses, they have a feel much more akin to a photograph taken by a casual observer on vacation, or a devoted husband and father capturing treasured family moments, than the sensual drama he more often displays.

Always highlighting the feminine side of his subjects, in hue and softness, there is something above and beyond that in these selections. It is a clear and viable affection.

Remember When is a stolen peek into a conversation of mother and daughter on a cloudy warm day. You can almost smell the salt coming in on the breeze and hear the rustle of the bulrushes beside them.

Remember When
Remember When

Golden Afternoon is a little more whimsical, the bohemian style scarf skirt of the mother and the often appearing alter ego of the artist Pino often snuck into his scenes – his own son would have been much younger at the time. The earnest look on the little girls face lets us almost hear her to ask for more time at the beach.

Golden Afternoon
Golden Afternoon

Close to Home with its rocky landscape is the romantic notion of a country walk in Italy, a beautiful wandering, gathering flowers. The texture is palatable and masterfully executed.

Close to Home
Close to Home

Seaside Walk has the feel of a glimpse into a casual affectionate moment of mother and daughter, precious and tender, on a beautiful deserted beach.

Regardless who these intimately portrayed people are, they are exquisite examples of his early work before he moved from Milan to America to explore the variety he felt the new world would hold for his eye and brush to capture. Each is an amazing example of this master at what may well be his best.

Pino Daeni Paintings

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phdast7 profile image

phdast7 3 years ago from Atlanta, Georgia

What a marvelous and beautiful essay. I had never been introduced to Pino Daeni's work. Such lovely, lovely women and children and such striking and powerful men - young and old. What a treat to scroll through the pictures and read the text and then to sit back and enjoy the video -a perfect combination of music and paintings. Thank you. SHARING this far and wide.

Better Yourself profile image

Better Yourself 3 years ago from North Carolina Author

Thank you phdast7, Glad you enjoyed it! His work is very beautiful and hard to take your eyes off!

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