Snowflakes in ASCII Text Art

Snowflakes in ASCII art can be lacy, delicate, mathematical creations. When they turn out well they look fantastic. But, getting there isn't so simple. Any time you try to match opposite sides or top and bottom in ASCII art you have the challenge of handling characters that don't fit together perfectly, with equal spacing between them. Confused? Try making a snowflake and you will soon understand.

A snowflake is a beautiful thing.

I love walking home in the snow. Not a blizzard with snow and ice, I'm not quite that crazy. Just that nice lazy snowfall, where the sun comes out and sparkles over the snow and the flakes still coming down are fat and float through the air like they have all day to land down on the ground. You can see the shape of those big snowflakes. I like to see how unique they are from each other. Some will be missing a part, they won't be as perfect as snowflakes are drawn or made in ASCII art.

Lacey ASCII Art Snowflakes

Big ASCII Art Snowflakes

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