Activities and Crafts with Fall Leaves

Fall leaves
Fall leaves

Play in Them

This classic autumn activity is enjoyed by people of all ages. Step outside into the chilly air, rake the fallen leaves into a huge pile, and jump in!


Bring Them Inside

Put colorful leaves in vases or glass bottles to place around your home. They make great decorations for a dinner party or for Thanksgiving. You can also put them in a bowl with potpourri for a sweet smelling centerpiece.


Make a Leaf Crown

Use raffia as the base and hot glue leaves on it to form a crown. This can also be worn as part of a Halloween or fall festival costume.


Make Your Own Candle Holder

Use dried and pressed leaves to make your own mason jar candle holder. Spread Modge Podge on the outside of the jar, place the leaves on it, and then cover it with another layer. Let it dry and then place your favorite fall scented candle inside to create a warm ambiance.


Take a Scenic Hike

Take a hike in the mountains or just in your neighborhood. Collect your favorite fall leaves as you go. Then press them between the pages of a large book and preserve them in contact paper.

Fall Crafts and Decorations

Laminate leaves and glue a magnet on the back to create real fall leaf magnets.
Laminate leaves and glue a magnet on the back to create real fall leaf magnets. | Source
Roses made from fall leaves
Roses made from fall leaves | Source
Autumn leaf crown
Autumn leaf crown | Source
Fall wreath
Fall wreath | Source

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3 years ago

Excelllent hub! I have just been raking leaves outside! There are some really Canadian-looking maple leaves, above, too.


Ebower profile image

Ebower 3 years ago from Georgia Author

f: Thank you! I really enjoyed putting together this fall hub. It's actually chilly outside for the first time today in South Georgia. Thanks for reading!

btrbell profile image

btrbell 3 years ago from Mesa, AZ

Wow, I love this! The leaves don't change around her. We are driving North today to try to find some. This is a great hub with wonderful ideas and prettypictures! Thank you! Up+ and pinning!

Ebower profile image

Ebower 3 years ago from Georgia Author

btrbell: I live in South Georgia and the leaves don't change as much here, but still a little. I hope you have a wonderful trip and thanks for sharing!

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