Amigurumi Crochet Stuffed Animals


With low slung eyes, and sly smiles, there’s no denying that Amigurumi achieve the kind of cuteness that only the Japanese could bring to crochet stuffed animals. However, not just any small, cute crocheted (or knitted) toy can be classified as an Amigurumi. Instead, the animal* must possess certain key characteristics if they want to join that club. (*The term animal is used loosely, as technically Amigurumi includes stuffed creatures, inanimate objects, and more.)

Facial Features

There are several key facial characteristics that are typically associated with Amigurumi, which include squished together features, and either very small or very large eyes, exaggerated purposefully either way.

The eyes are often set low, equal with the nose and mouth. Often, the ears frame these features, creating a cutesy childlike effect.

Body Features

Exaggeration is the key with Amigurumi, as it is common to find a large head on a small body. Likewise, costumes and accessories are encouraged, upping the cuteness factor of these crochet animals.


Amigurumi are very easy to make. They are crocheted in the round, using the single crochet stitch. It is recommended that you use a smaller hook than you normally would, creating a tighter stitch. Tight stitches help hide holes, and hide the stuffing which is often bright white.

As you single crochet in the round, increase and decrease stitches to make different shapes. Then stuff and sew the shapes together to create an adorable crochet animal.

Items Needed

If you would like to attempt making your own Amigurumi, you will need:

  • Crochet hook
  • Yarn
  • Polyfil or Stuffing of some kind
  • Safety eyes or buttons
  • Felt
  • Plastic needle (large enough for the yarn to go through)
  • Scissors

Amigurumi are fun to make, and they whip up fairly quickly. Not only are they adorable, but people love receiving them as gifts. Which is good, because Amigurumi quickly becomes an obsession – once you start, it’s hard to stop making them.

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pattyworld1 profile image

pattyworld1 5 years ago from Maine

Adoreable! I'd like to give this a try, but I'm very much a beginner. I'm looking forward to more information to make the final product. Thanks.

JulieStrier profile image

JulieStrier 5 years ago from Apopka, FL Author

Pattyworld -- there is a lot of information on the MyGurumi link above (under additional links). If you visit their site they had a TON of written tutorials about making Amigurumi. Good luck. Fair warning, they're very addicting!

profile image

PWalker281 5 years ago

I've always been intrigued by amigurumi (took me a while to learn how to even pronounce it!), but have never made any. This is a great intro to the craft, and I'm glad you included the characteristics that make them unique - they're not just any ole stuffed creature. It also looks like a great way to use up your yarn stash. I might just try my hand at making one. Rated up and useful/interesting.

JulieStrier profile image

JulieStrier 5 years ago from Apopka, FL Author

Thanks. The pronunciation is fun, isn't it? Even my SIL had a hard time with it at first, and she lived in Japan for 4 years. They are a fantastic way to use up yarn. Once you get the hang of it, it's pretty easy to make up your own creatures too. Thanks for rating!

Josiefuentes profile image

Josiefuentes 5 years ago from Aldie, VA

this was really cool to watch and learn as well... thank you! and i hope you'll make more hubs about these amigurumi crochet

JulieStrier profile image

JulieStrier 5 years ago from Apopka, FL Author

Josiefuentes- Thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed it, and thanks for the suggestion. I'll have to do just that! :)

Josiefuentes profile image

Josiefuentes 5 years ago from Aldie, VA

sounds good :)

tamama 4 years ago

its so cute i wana puke

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