An Act of Nature

It is uncanny!
It is uncanny!

A Little Explanation

One day I was cleaning through my backyard when I just happened to look into the fire pit. Of course there were many pieces of charred wood there, but one of them just happened to catch my eye. I walked over and picked it up and rather surprised I saw this charred log among the embers. It looked so similar to a crocodile that it was uncanny. I immediately went inside and grabbed my trusty Kodak camera (tis a shame they are doing poorly) and took several pictures of it.

Maybe I Am Wrong

I know this hub has little substance, and I apologize for that fact, but I just thought that others would be facisnated with this act of nature, and would appreciate it. it amazes me the things that nature can accomplish, and though this is rather small and insignificant, we should all realize and appreciate its importance. We must not forget how truly beautiful our world is, and I do hope we never lose our sense of curiosity, and we will continue to discover such pieces of natural beauty that is provided to us on a daily basis.

Either all of that is true, or perhaps the pessimists are right; maybe the glass really is half full, this log is just a log, and we are all wasting our time.

It is the little things in life that matter the most.

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Movie Master profile image

Movie Master 4 years ago from United Kingdom

Goodness that is uncanny, it even has an eye!

Great photos, I enjoyed this and voted up!

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