An Artist's Dwelling, 1985

Eternal bachelor

Orange afro

Lennon glasses

French last name

Easels litter his living room

Red, orange, blue

Splashes of tropical green

Photos propped on canvases

Acrylic replicas

Of boats, fishing poles

Bobbing in the sea

In plants,

Tiny porcelain mice,


Heavy coffee table

Cigarette burns

Discarded 'Playboys'

Cribbage board

Fifteen two, fifteen four, and a pair is six

In the kitchen,

Pots and pans hang from a rack

Spices stacked

Tomato plants growing out back

In the basement

Skunky and warm

More plants

Tall, crystal, green


On the walls,


Clowns with puffy rainbow sleeves

Naked women, blonde hair parted


The bathroom, kingly

Rich red carpet

Stairs leading up to the tub

Old-fashioned white telephone

Perched, patient

Ready to ring


Half-shuttered windows

Thick air, unmade bed

Nude females sketched in lead

Posing in silver frames

A wild jungle outside

Tangled bushes and vines

Screening in

A private porch

Rocking wooden swing

Gray cat

A child's dream

This artist's house

Plants concealing a mouse,

A marble

She gazes up at the colorful clown

Hair red, like its creator

Ruffled sleeves

Striped blue and green

"Self Portrait"

It's entitled

Coffee table, centerfold

Miss July

Parted thighs

Artist's god-daughter

Looks to her blood-father

Who's stoned, cross-legged in jeans

Five years old

Soft brown hair

She doesn't miss a thing...

"Daddy, she forgot to put on her underpants!!!"

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