An Interesting Turn of Events for an Artist

My mother always expected me to treat art as a career rather than a hobby. Even now, she tells me: "You could really make money off of your designs!" I always thought this would be too hard of  a task to manage, and I would end up wasting more time and money than I was going to gain.

I never actually took her seriously, until one day I stumbled upon a website online that showed me I could simply upload my drawings, and sell them to consumers in the form of Tshirts or prints. Upon further investigation, I researched similar websites, and came up with a list of good places to share (and possibly sell) artwork. Since this is very exciting to me, I decided to compile a list of websites with the pros and cons of each!

My artwork on a t-shirt at
My artwork on a t-shirt at is my favorite website I have found because of it's easy user interface and the versatility of art you can post on your account. You can post general art prints, photographs, draw on t-shirt templates, create calendarsand greeting cards. You can also post articles, poems, and short stories. The content can be as x rated as you want it to be, but it will just have a disclaimer.For every peice of work that you sell, you (by default) get 20% of the earnings, a percentage that is also changeable by the user.

There is also an in depth community that you can use to comment on others' artwork, come up with new ideas, and network with other artists while promoting your own work. You can check out my T-shirts at and let me know what you think! is a website that deals solely with t-shirt design. You submit a t-shirt design, other users rate your design, and if it gets picked to be printed for threadless, you get 2000 dollars, a 500 dollar gift certificate (redeemable for 200 dollars), and 500 dollars each time the design is reprinted.

I have found that this website is a good place for graphic designers, not amateur photoshop users. I found it hard for me to create a design that was "acceptable" by the website in terms of resolution. The directions for the tshirt template was also hard for me to understand, but, then again, i would call myself a photoshop amateur. is a place where it seems anything goes in terms of design and products. You can pretty much have a design, and place it on any product imaginable, and sell to the public. Whe you create a product, it can either be public or private. Private products are ones only you can view and purchase, and public items are ones that can be sold to conumers, while you make commission.

This website is also networking oriented, where you can meet many different types of artists, and also promote your designs to different companys.

Creating art is a true passion of mine, and I beleive everyone can create it. These websites are a fun way to promote your art, meet new people, and maybe make a buck or two on the side. My mom may have been right all along..

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