Art- Why?

What art is

Why is art important? Why make art?

Art is.
Before the questions are answered, a definition of art is important because 'art' is a very big area and has a variety of meanings to many people. I think of art as an expression that displays the 'ideal’ of that expression. In other words- it is related to the concept of achieving perfection, or the best of something, in some form. The art of dance, for instance, is best when the expression of movement is perfectly executed. The best photograph is when we have combined visual rules in some way to create a perfect image of what we want to express, or in food when it is perfectly cooked and served.

Art is also not confined to proofs or scientific principles. With art, we may express love, hate, passion and humor, and we don’t need to justify why it works as an expression…it is just considered our understanding of life expressed in artistic forms…forms that are varied: Painting, sculpture, music, dance, writing, theater, food, and so on. I think to answer the question what is art? I would say art is an outward expression of human experience, observations, emotions and ideals.

Why is art important?
One reason- Art is a powerful form of communication. In the past, art had a large place in religion. Art was used to teach the illiterate masses about God and the world around them. In modern times, art has a great place in society not only as communication but also as entertainment. The television and movie industry is perhaps the most pronounced. The teams of artists involved in creating video entertainment is phenomenal. The special effects created in the movie industry is outstanding but imagine for a moment the 6 o'clock news without sound and without graphics. What would the weatherman do if he had no rain and cloud pictures.

Think about the sophisticated images in a TV advertisement. Target, Gap and many others use highly sophisticated, emotionally charged graphic images to earn your dollar. Why is art important? It is important not only as a form of creative expression, but also as a fundamental method of communication, entertainment and promotion of commerce in modern society.

Why make art?
Making art is a way to express feelings and ideas, making art is a way of exploring the world around you and learning about the world. As we see through modern media and advertising, we greatly respond to the world described through sensory (visual, auditory, etc.) means. We make art, not because it is secondary but because it is primary in the way we respond to our lives. Art is sensory and we are beings who respond with our senses. Which leads to the final question. . .

Is art essential?
If you take 10 adults in different walks of life, 9 of them will probably tell you art is not very important. We are so accustomed to define art as the painting on the wall in the living room or the museum. This is a narrow notion of art. It is also a dangerous one. In our schools, art is also considered secondary to all other forms of learning. This is due in large part to a false stigma perpetuated by parents, teachers, and administration, and unfortunately passed down to the student as well.

As is stated above, art is not secondary. It would be more accurate to describe art as basic to our makeup as creative human beings. In modern society, it is communication in all fields of endeavor…in commerce, advertising, design, entertainment and more.

We rely on our art. It may be just a school drawing, or crafts class but these same skills allow us to 'VISUALIZE' and create beauty…buildings…food…cars…bridges, and even to imagine those great discoveries of science and medicine. Einstein and Leonardo Da Vince are two of many great artists of the past that spoke of the importance of being able to 'see' the unseen, or that spoke of the importance of imagination.

Art is not secondary, it is primary and it is essential. Referring back to the 9 out of 10 people that consider art secondary, they all buy products based on the color of the label; respond to the fashion of the clothing; and send emails on computers; all created with the cooperative efforts of teams of artists developing images that make this stuff meaningful to the person. The expressive painting on the wall is rather nice as well. Art is essential an basic to our lives.

If you are an artist and would like to contribute to a book in the making-

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prziloczek profile image

prziloczek 7 years ago from Wisbech, Cambs, UK

I paint a lot.

So, what do I paint?

Well, I tried several religious pictures for our church. Not one of them was hung. I was also pretty insulted at the way they were rejected, too. Most artists face this. Unless they lie and cheat.

I tried landscapes and will try some more. But my camera does an excellent job here.

So what is left?

DeBorrah K. Ogans profile image

DeBorrah K. Ogans 7 years ago


I thoroughly enjoy the many Arts! It is quite exhilarating to express onself through painting. It is simply wonderful and brings such freedom to design something original.

What a magnificent Masterpiece God has given us; His eternal every changing canvas in the sky above. A constant reminder of His Love and constant presence in our lives!

Thank you for this hub!


Tina Irene 6 years ago

I agree 100% about Art. Visual art (and music) inspired me in my writing from an early age forward. Very nice hub, by the way.

The Rope profile image

The Rope 6 years ago from SE US

Excellent hub BA! I especially agree with your comment that the thought of art is not expansive enough. Well done!

Lowell's Notes profile image

Lowell's Notes 6 years ago

I found this to be very interesting. Thanks!

tim-tim profile image

tim-tim 6 years ago from Normal, Illinois

Nice hub! I can doodle and don't think of myself an artist. I love to express myself through painting, drwaing, writing, etc. Thanks for the great hub.

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