Art Restoration in Greensboro: Setting the Standards for a Nation

Greensboro, North Carolina is home to many art galleries, picture framing houses and art restoration companies. In fact the entire state of North Carolina boasts the highest number of such companies operating in the preservation of fine art work. Greensboro alone takes first place within the state for hosting the largest percentage of specialist galleries and firms whose main focus is art restoration. The city has become synonymous with the fine art trade.

Top of the pops, looking at the city of Greensboro and North Carolina as a whole, is an establishment with an illustrious history in art exhibition and preservation. Going simply by the name The Art Shop, here is a company that boasts its origins back to 1899. They are probably the nation’s number one art gallery and retailer. Currently they offer a supreme collection of artworks by some of the most famous painters, sculptors and graphic artists in the world.

Their other speciality of course is looking after prized and precious artworks with profound tenacity. They continue to lead the field in picture framing techniques as well as offer the full range of art restoration services. Art restoration in Greensboro lends much of its influence to The Art Shop with many other galleries following their example. This is a pretty competitive market, as can be well imagined. The Art Shop has won many awards year after year competing against all the top art galleries in the country.

Restoring Fine Artworks is an intricate process

Fine artworks and paintings in particular, have had to endure many undoing damaging effects over the centuries. Even paintings that emerge at the hands of today’s artists are not entirely safe from the harms inherent to the battle of maintaining an artwork’s pristine beauty. Galleries that specialize in art restoration in Greensboro have had to adapt quickly in order to serve this great demand.

Employing modern techniques and experts with years of experience, galleries are able to offer a variety of services that can bring paintings back to their original form.

Among the popular methods are:

  • Several special ways of cleaning dusty surfaces on paintings.
  • Removal of stains that often occur as well as restoring varnish that has lost its colour and tone.
  • Treating of damaged canvases by re-lining the underlying surface that is normally prone to becoming tattered and torn.
  • An interesting technique called in-painting – where an original painting is literally touched up in places where colours and spots are missing in such a way that it perfectly matches the rest of the painting.
  • The fixing of frames, which in itself demands that the art restoration expert bears knowledge of the vast selection of frames being used whether modern or classic.

Special care has to be taken in the restoration process that nothing is over-done, so that no actual alteration of the artwork can occur and instead the overall value of a painting is maintained if not improved after restoration. Art restoration in Greensboro is not limited to picking up the value of damaged paintings but many galleries also do appraisals for legal and insurance purposes.

It seems as though the artistic process is not limited to the stage reached when an artwork is completed; but extends further to the point that many more hands will be involved in ensuring that a piece of art prevails.

Surface Cleaning in Art Restoration

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