Advantages and Disadvantages of Artificial Flowers

Advantages and Disadvantages of Artificial Flowers

Artificial flowers can be seen everywhere today, the supermarket, in pots, at weddings, tombs, in a restaurant and even in churches. The fabrication of these is given as gently and carefully that sometimes allows us to be confused with the real ones.

Begun in the Middle Ages, the manufacture of artificial flowers begins in the convents of nuns. With the winter season, or the very hot summer, where everything is fresh wilted, the flowers were a natural problem for them, they had to decorate churches, shrines and sacred images, then they had the idea of produce flowers that did not depend on seasons or tender loving care.

Production of these flowers and also selling, then was growing and gaining market share in the nineteenth century, young women workers of low wages, began to produce handicrafts as a way to supplement income, demand was increasing and not only they as some businessmen and owner of the manufactures of the day did the flora grow and create enduring the same industries, which today is known worldwide.

Not as traditional as the natural flowers, artificial flowers are gaining a place in many events. With the techniques used, talent and creativity of the producer, artificial flowers become very similar to real ones.

Usually these flowers are a cheaper alternative than natural ones, besides the convenience and not having to worry about the season, save yourself money with the care of preservation and they are always the same.

Although there are many manufacturers of these flowers and to be sold in shops and florists they also have their drawbacks, often the scent of them are not even close to true and they can become weak and sickly, people may notice the use of artificial flowers and pejorative your event.

Whether an engagement, a wedding, a party of fifteen, a simple lunch or a business meeting, artificial flowers is practical, do not need sun and water are not eternal and brighten the eyes of those who see them.

However the ideal is to keep in mind what is best for each event, it is important to consider the advantages and disadvantages of each. Another option is to use fresh flowers to the place where the guests will be longer and artificial where there will be a greater distance, so it gains in economy, beauty and satisfaction at the same time.

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