Artist Robert Blackburn Biography- Robert Blackburn Printing Workshop New York NY

His desire was to see young artists flourish in an environment that supported their vision and encouraged the development of their talent.

Painting Students- Art Students League

Robert Blackburn was one of the talented artists who grew up during the Harlem Renaissance. He was born to Jamaican parents and moved to Harlem from New Jersey in 1920. He was influenced by great writers, scientists and philosophers. The artist studied alongside the talented artists at the Harlem Community Art center. His fellow learners included painter Jacob Lawrence and printmaker Romare Bearden.

Talented Writers and Artists Flourished During the Harlem Renaissance

From the Harlem Community Art center, he went to the Art Students League located in Manhattan. He also studied with master lithographers at the Ateliers Desjobert in Paris. The foremost artists of the time, such as Pablo Picasso, had their work printed at the Ateliers Desjobert.

Art Students League New York


During his lifetime, Robert Blackburn taught at several universities. He printed for renowned artists such as Robert Rauschenberg. He was also Universal Limited Art Edition’s (ULAE) first master printer. However the work he is most widely recognized for is his Printmaking Workshop, sometimes referred to as the Blackburn atelier.

The artist funded the workshop with his own money. It allowed both experienced artists and young printmakers to meet and work together. At any time, they could collaborate in the environment he provided.

The Printmaking Bible: The Complete Guide to Materials and Techniques

The Blackburn Printmaking Workshop was stocked with the best equipment in the industry. The legendary printmaker was always willing to provide a helping hand for young artists who wanted to perfect their craft.

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