Artist Thomas Arvid: A World of Fine Art, Fine Times and Fine Wine

May I offer you a lovely glass of red wine? You wouldn’t say no to that. Taking a look at Thomas Arvid’s art, you would be so enticed by its explicit reality you would swear it to be almost real. And if you didn’t know any better you would think that the larger than life picture that darted out at you was actually the work of a master still life photographer.

Thomas Arvid is without a doubt one of the most powerful photo-realistic painters of our time. His works - essentially oil based paintings -consistently center on an entertaining yet rather unusual theme. Wine bottles, wine glasses, flowing wine and even random corks that have been tossed into a corner at a real life evening get together with friends. These simple, unassuming objects comprise the subject matter that he so animatedly represents in his work.

“But is it art?” No, it’s a lifestyle

Rather than place the objects of the still life in a carefully structured plane of depth, Thomas deliberately emphasizes the subject matter by throwing it at the viewer dominating one’s focus in doing so. The effect is that one has no choice but to ignore all other seemingly insignificant realities – the only thing dominating ones thought is the wine and what it means on a personal level. This is exactly what the painter intended. Most people when looking at his work find themselves relating to fond memories when wine was the compliment to some special occasion.

Thomas has a real love for wine and the carefree lifestyle that comes to mind when we imagine ourselves enjoying a glass or two in good company. "Life without art is like dinner without wine. Why bother?" – This statement by the artist perfectly reflects his attitude and is exactly the impression you get when you find yourself staring at his vivid paintings.

A genius doesn’t need to be a professional

You wouldn’t believe that Thomas is largely a self-taught artist who grew up in Detroit where he used to do murals and illustrations. Looking at whether or not he could use his natural talent as a commercial artist he was disappointed with the few prospects that came in front of him – careers in sign painting and drafting that seemed too limiting to him.

As most artists would tell you it is often very challenging to build a livable career with art as one’s specialization. Regardless, in 1986 Thomas moved to Atlanta to set his feet firmly in the direction of making his life’s passion a reality. It is as though this move sparked a new found interest and a deeper exploration of painting using oils as a medium. He started painting ‘wine’ exclusively in oil and it is this determination that would soon rear in wide acclaim for the American artist.

Going places very quickly, brush in hand, sipping red wine

In the year 2000, with the enduring support of his wife Vanessa, he founded Thomas Arvid Fine Art Incorporated which today markets his works to buyers from all over the world. Over 50 art galleries, in the US, Canada as well as Japan, propagates his works. Collectors who have ‘sampled’ his wine paintings don’t mind at all being on the ever growing waiting list for one of his originals. Famous wineries in the US are proud to host his paintings that magically represent the elegant fluidity of wine and its enjoyment. One can easily see the appeal.

In 2004 he published his own book entitled “Arvid: Redefining the Modern Still Life’ which gives a detailed account into his journey spanning more than a decade of painting alluring wine bottles and glasses. It is the undying passion for wine, art and the good life, so perfectly captured on each canvas that he touches, that reminds us that we all, at some level, covet such simple pleasures.

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Claudia Tello profile image

Claudia Tello 4 years ago from Mexico

First and foremost, I didn´t know Thomas Arvid until now, so thanks for introducing me to him. Second, I find his story quite exciting, I love when people triumph by doing what they love to do, even when it seems quite difficult. Third, I loved the way you wrote this hub, voted up and interesting.

penofone profile image

penofone 4 years ago

I like the video that was presented although I would like to see him paint a bit more if he can show us a general f

like a trumpet with a wine glass or something would be great....



kartika damon profile image

kartika damon 4 years ago from Fairfield, Iowa

Thank you so much for this - a great piece and inspiring to artists! He is living an artist's dream - love his studio!

Better Yourself profile image

Better Yourself 4 years ago from North Carolina Author

Thanks Claudia - Glad you enjoyed the hub and to introduce you to Arvid and his amazing talent!

Scottye Davis profile image

Scottye Davis 4 years ago

I love the picture at the top. Very chic!

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