Artist Vidan-Popular Among Collectors

Since expanding his area of focus to include vibrant landscape paintings bearing his distinctive style, artist Vidan has become an art collector’s must-have piece. While his work has been a gallery staple for a number of years, collectors who have not been familiar with his large body of work are now snapping up not only his portraits but his newer works as well.

The struggle to become popular among art collectors is a difficult one. Despite the best efforts of an artist, its agent and gallery owner themselves, the art-buying public has the final say in their success or failure. Gain their interest and their attention and an artist’s career can flourish. Even the most famous artists in history have begun their careers with a battle to gain acceptance for their work.

Though already successful in one area of art, the artist Vidan also had his minor difficulties gaining popularity among art collectors. Established as an illustrator of romance novel covers, the Italian-born Vidan was heavily influenced to pursue a new artistic avenue by his uncle, internationally known artist Pino Daeni. After moving to America from his hometown of Perugia in the late 1980s, Vidan began working alongside of his uncle and became intrigued by Pino’s landscape work, so much so that he began experimenting with the form himself.


Vidan’s work had always contained pastoral elements but they primarily served as background for his illustrations of sensuous women that adorned the romance novel covers he created for such popular publishers as Harlequin Harper-Collins and Doubleday. Vidan’s distinctive style, which is highlighted by his use of light and shadow and color, was further enhanced by backgrounds and foregrounds that included flowers, lush grass and trees. While these features may have been used as background they were nonetheless key elements, as vital to the illustrations as the women that were the main subjects.

Consider Vidan’s “Deep Purple”, which features a nude woman standing in a pond and clutching a purple cloth. The color of the cloth is made that much more dramatic by the sweep of dark green foliage behind her. The juxtaposition of the two push the female form further into the foreground and creates a striking image.

When Vidan decided to move these elements to the foreground, while keeping his distinctive style, he soon found his work in demand by collectors around the globe. That he was able to flourish in both formats, portraits and landscapes, is a testament to his undeniable talent.

Today, Vidan’s work is a mainstay of galleries in his native country of Italy, his adopted country of the United States and around the world. Art enthusiasts had been eager to add his work to their private collection while others would have been content to own one of several books featuring his work or one of his numbered and signed prints that have been snapped up as quickly as his original works. Vidan’s popularity these days almost assures that he will remain popular among collectors for years to come.

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