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Dear friends,

how are you? Did you have a nice summer vacation? Well now it is time to get back to school (I guess some did already) let's get serious vacation is over back to work to start, continue or end our design school adventure to become designers.

In this welcome back message I'll try to give you few tips about how to re-start and be focused on what is going to be crucial for you.

For beginners

Learning from basics.
Learning from basics. | Source

I remember when I started at Art Center College of Design, the first very day taking the photo for my membership student card and going through all formalities before starting my first lesson.

I was so excited, the idea of walking in that school being part of it was simply amazing for me. How do you feel? You are the starters, you begin your design school adventure and of course you have no idea about how it is really going to be. Some of you feel cool about it, some others nervous and already stressed. It is normal but my first suggestion is : relax and use your head and talent.

Everything will be all right if you stay concentrated on your mission: to become a designer.

Learn from basics, if you stick to your teachers lessons and with patience try over and over your excercises you will get better and better having well in your head understood the drawing's fundamentals. This is the most important element when you start. If you do not learn how to draw well you will never make an excellent portfolio.

Listen to your teachers but check also your best classmates works, in Design schools we learn from many people. Accept and understand the sense of healthy competition, you will learn how to motivate yourself to do better and try to go over your real possibilities.

Be disciplinated and you will learn how to manage yourself and your projects. We learn discipline from many sources and examples in school. To be disciplinated means to be serious about your role and your future. Be respectful but demanding, quality and creativity will soon become your keay words.

Be curious and you will have some extra energy compared to others, be wise, be different.

I wish all beginners an excellent start!

Learning how to draw a car
Learning how to draw a car | Source

For those that continue school I have a very simple message. You know now how it is, what is important, you know that your main mission is to prepare a very good portfolio to get an internship. So work hard on all your projects because each one could get into your portfolio.

Be ready to work to get an internship, to do so a certain quality and creative talent is required. You have to work hard to make sure you can make an amazing portfolio and get your deserved internship. This experience ios extremely formative and important for your school career and future CV.

So be responsible it is about your future!

Aston Martin Lagonda Rendering by Bart de Graaff
Aston Martin Lagonda Rendering by Bart de Graaff | Source

The finishers

It is going to be your last semester...that is it! You are ready to quit definitively school with your portfolio and CV. Ready to search for a design job and start your so dreamed professional designer's life. Portfolio is your magic world!

How is it? Did you analyse already your state of the art about your actual portfolio? What are we missing? What should we re-do? Does it look professional? Creative? Various?Interesting? Does it make us curious to turn each page of it?

Make a list, write down on paper what you think is still missing. Talk to yout teacher about it as soon as possible because you will need some time....and believe me your time is already passing fast!

Discipline, responsability, quality, creativity.

Your mission is to complete super well school with particul attention to your portfolio evolution. You should also start getting all infos about design studios because you will have to adress yourself to them to be received for job interviews.

Treat well your CV because it is going to be your entry door for interviews, bad CV no chance to get an interview. I post a video about Portfolio Content I made when I gave a special lesson at IAAD design school in Italy this year, it might be of help.

Be responsible and good luck!

© 2014 Luciano Bove

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