Safety Pin Jewelry Patterns

There are many different patterns that can be created with safety pins and beads. Each of them can be very useful items and could bring a profit for bazaars and fundraising projects in schools.

Red, White and Blue Flag Brooch

The flag pattern is done by threading the beads onto the safety pins in the sequence shown.

Short pieces of wire are run through the ends to hold the pins together and then the ends are connected on the back.

Each row across is one safety pin.

Glue a pin back on the reverse side of the brooch.

Any size pin can be used and any size beads can be used as long as they fit on the pin. Beads have different size center holes so check them before you begin to make sure you have enough beads.

For larger flags use large safety pins and smaller ones for small brooches.

Flag Pattern

Red, White and Blue Flag Brooch
Red, White and Blue Flag Brooch

Beaded Safety Pin Cross

Each row across is one safety pin. Place beads on the pins in the pattern shown. Each square is one bead.

12 pins will be needed for this pattern.

Attach a piece of wire up through the pins on the left and right sides. Let the wire run up the back also. Form a loop with the two ends of the wire at the top on each side.

Run a piece of ¼ inch ribbon through both loops to form the necklace. Tie the ends to form the necklace.

Beaded Safety Pin Cross Necklace Pattern

Cross Pattern
Cross Pattern

Ferris Wheel Keychain

Each row (spoke) of colored squares is one safety pin.

Gather the pins in the center with a short piece of wire. Hide the ends of the wire so they don’t protrude.

Use a larger piece of wire to form the outside ring. Place 4 beads in between each pin on the wire as shown.

Secure the ends of the wire into a small loop.

Attach a keychain using the spring ring on the mesh end of the keychain finding.

The dark brown on the ends of the spokes and in the center represent the ends of the safety pins.

Ferris Wheel or Pinwheel Keychain Pattern

Ferris Wheel or Pinwheel
Ferris Wheel or Pinwheel

Jewelry Findings

This photo shows the keychain finding and two sizes of pin backs.

Create Your Own Patterns

Create your own bead patterns using colored pencils and graph paper. Decide what you want to make and color each square in the chosen color.

Names, pet names, logo's and more can be created in beads and placed on safety pins. Let teh pins hang loose or connect them using wire or fishing line.

If you can create it on paper you can create it in beads.

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