Becoming an Independent Photographer


If you are seriously in love with photography, becoming an independent professional photographer is surely a great option. Don't worry if you are engaged in some other profession and contemplating about the methods for embarking on to a new career. It will be better if you start without quitting on the current job or work as this will provide ample opportunities so that you can be sure that photography is something that you can take up as a full time option. Chalk out a schedule and devote your spare time into the exciting field of photography.


College or School of Hard Knocks

In the world of photography there are formal training institutions but the real learning comes from trial and error methodology. You can certainly learn the basics of taking good quality photographs but experimentation in different situations is something that will provide the best learning opportunities. Some of the best photographers in the world started off as freelancers taking photographs in weddings and other family occasions. Photography as in any other hobby moves through a great learning curve and one has to have that passion to stay focused so as to slowly excel in the field. However, if you are confident regarding your photographing abilities, it is not mandatory that you have to start as freelancers working in parties and weddings.

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Get Your Name Out There!

The advent of online marketing implies that you can become an independent photographer sitting in the comfort of your home. Having your own website is a great way to get started in the world of professional photography. In fact there are several photographers earning substantial amounts via the promotion and advertisement gained from their websites. Even if you are great at taking pictures, you still need to develop a good client base to make sure that revenues keep generating.

Marketing is probably the next thing to master as far as becoming an independent photographer is concerned. Create a website or blog depicting your creations and promote them on various online channels such as social networking sites, photography discussion boards etc. Video marketing on sites such as You Tube will also help. You may wonder what to promote in videos when you are concerned about taking pictures. Well, to start off, you can create a video to educate interested people regarding correct photography techniques and other useful tips in this regard.

Making the leap

Before entering full time, make sure that you have a fair idea regarding pricing and other financial aspects. Pricing can be a double edged sword. Have too low a price for your work and many of the clients may feel that you do not have confidence over the quality of your work. On the other hand keeping a high price for your services may repel away clients before the deal even starts off. It is imperative to obtain complete details regarding the current market prospects and service charges for photography work in and around your area.

Do not forget that when working full time this has to be treated as a business, not a hobby and you must be ready to implement robust strategies to gain promotion as well as clients.


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