Best out of waste - Waste paper basket

Introduction - Weaving

Paper is something that is wasted a lot in many ways at home, at office, at schools. Be it old magazines, newspapers, old school books or just while making simple craft items the extra paper goes into dustbins. Paper craft are of many different types and we must try to learn some basic ideas to save paper by creating new things. I know it is not easy for all to do all this but we can make our kids learn how to save paper or how to create recycled stuff. In our art classes we always keep a recycle bin instead of a dustbin so that we can use all that side papers and cutouts to make something new out of the waste. Out of all accessories that we use in our classes it is the paper that goes in the bins the most, so it is good that we learn new small easy to do ideas on how to create the best out of waste products and utilize this paper the best way possible.

Weaving as we know is the process done to make fabric and we have seen a lot of times in the form of handmade baskets or jute items where the yarn strips are weaved together to make it firm. The technique is quite simple to understand where vertical and horizontal pieces or yarns goes inside out and the process goes on till the length required. The same process is applied here on paper strips. Paper weaving and that too with waste paper is quite interesting and fun to make. Here the first few steps are quite easy while making the base but you have to be careful when you weave these strips of paper while making its height. At the end we get a nice paper basket which can be used for decoration or school project, or can be used to keep small items like stationery stuff or cookies and toffees on birthdays.Once you are done with the basic basket it is easier to give many other variations.

This one is little difficult for small kids but we keep giving them waste paper to try at least the basic weaving process..

This basket can be used for multipurpose, just decorate it or keep your stationaryitems erasers, shrarpners in it.

Materials required

The materials required to make this basket are ,

Cut out 8 strips of paper of length 10 " and width is1/2" .

Cut out 4 strips of paper of length 11 " and wdth same 1/2".

Glue is also required at the end.

You can use any color paper or it can be multicolored. Width and length can also be adjusted according to the size required. I saved the same color paper for this basket to give it a rough traditional look. Length and width can also be adjusted according to waste paper measurements. So it is not important to follow the exact measurements as mentioned here.

Weaving start
Weaving start | Source
Base complete
Base complete
Height begins
Height begins
Height complete
Height complete
Leftover fold
Leftover fold
Finish the edges
Finish the edges

Steps to make paper weaved basket

Let us begin with the steps on how to make this basket through the process of weaving, the surface must be flat if possible.

Step 1- Keep 4 strips of 10" length vertically and 4 strips horizontally over the vertical ones.

Step 2 - Now start weaving by moving each horizontal strip inside and outside of the vertical strips. Pls see the image for reference. Once all the 8 pieces are weaved your base is complete and it will look like the image.

Step 3 - Now take the remaining strips for making its height. This part has to be done little carefully as it will not be done very easily. From this step it is little difficult to adjust the strips but practice will help you.

Pick one long strip and f it on all the four sides by the same weaving process and glue it at the end.

Step 4 - Now repeat the above process with the remaining stripes. Don't forget to glue them at the end. All strips must fit properly so that you can see no gaps in between.

Step 5 - Now once this is done you will see need to fold the remaning paper that is left at the top edge of the basket. Fold each once inside and once outside nicely to get a nice finished edge and apply glue to paste this extra paper.


Now the basket is ready for use but it is up to you if you wish to add basket handle using paper or ribbon or attach some decorative stuff on any or all of its sides or attach waste paper flowers. It will be a good idea to decorate it using waste material only

You can create many beautiful things after practicing this technique as many different variations are possible. So start collecting waste stuff because indirectly we are saving our future. So try one and teach your kids as well. Teach them not to waste paper rather reuse it to make beautiful crafts.


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pstraubie48 profile image

pstraubie48 3 years ago from sunny Florida

Very impressive looking. This would be a nice gift . Thanks for sharing. Shared

Angels are on the way ps

preweb profile image

preweb 3 years ago from UK

That's cute and easy to make basket. Thanks for sharing.

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ksaiyed 3 years ago from Fremont California

Thanks hor sharing. It is nestly made.

rudra007 profile image

rudra007 3 years ago from India Author

Thanks Patricia, yes you are right we use these as gift basket with chocolates.

rudra007 profile image

rudra007 3 years ago from India Author

Thanks preweb, yeah its very simple to make and very useful. Thanks for appreciating.

rudra007 profile image

rudra007 3 years ago from India Author

Thanks ksaiyed. Your affection for children is really amazing, i teach art and craft to kids and i learn a lot from them.

jeevitha 3 years ago

very useful 4 me.

ajita 3 years ago

very useful n interesting

padmaja 3 years ago

nice and hossom!!!!

sonal 3 years ago

Hi i 'm art teacher. We relly enjoy yor ideas practically.thanks.

rudra007 profile image

rudra007 3 years ago from India Author

Thanks sonal, i really want to put more stuff online but due to lack of time not able to do so....but will make sure to put at least one best out of waste idea on hubpages per week....people really find this useful.

sara 3 years ago

Very useful and creative....thanx for sharing. Will wait for more such ideas, do share.

shreena scindia 2 years ago

It's very nice and useful .

Thank you so much.......

rashi 2 years ago

nice creative

terry 2 years ago

really awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Supriya 2 years ago

im a 6th std girl awesome website

srujan kumar 14 months ago

very nice art

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