Blacklight Posters

 Blacklight posters are a lot of fun to have.  here are many poster s to choose from.  Did you know there were blacklight bubbles?  I have them listed here These items can be a lot of fun  and would look great in any dorm room or college apartment.

 The 3-d cloth waterfall poster measures three by five feet. It features a  multicolor water fall and river design It is perfect poster for your blacklight. It comes with 3-D glasses to get the 3-D effect.   The edges are sewn to prevent ripping so this can be  along lasting poste4r.  Perfect for your bedroom, apartment or dorm room.  This would be a great accent for a large wall!

 The Alice In Wonderland Blacklight poster features none other thatn the grinning Cheshire car. He comes in glowing colors such as orange and yellow.  The caption to the poster is  We are all mad here!   This blacklight poster measures three feet by two feet. The Alice in Wonderland Black light poster we are all mad here received five out of five stars form one customer review.  The customer likes how the Cheshire cat glows int he dark and states he gets compliments o n it all the time.

 The Techno Bubble Blacklight Sensitive UB Bubbles are not a poster.  But I couldn't resist showing them to you.  They are actually bubbles that you blow that glow in the blacklight.  They seem to make their own light!  The blacklight bubbles does come with a small blacklight according to customer reviews.  The Techno bubbles received four and half out of five stars form three customer reviews.  Customers state that this product lived up to their expectations.  One customer stated she was able to take actual pictures of her daughter playing with the blacklight bubbles. 

Electric Rainbow (Spiral) Flocked Blacklight Poster Print - 24x36

 The electric rainbow spiral poster measures two feet by three feet.  Get lost in the spirals as they come to life in the blacklight. One customer gave this poster five out of five stars.  He stated you just got to have one!

 If you are a fantasy fan you will enjoy this black light landscape.  The Lost Horizon Fantasy Black light poster offers some glowing mountains, trees and even a volcano.  This blacklight poster is two feet by three feet.  The Lost Horizon Fantasy Black Light  poster received four and a half stars out of five from three customer reviews.  Customers state it its a pretty good buy and you really can get lost in this poster.

 The Moonlight Ship reactive Blacklight poster is a very calming picture.  It measures 23 inches by 35 inches.  The purple water is surrounded by black felt.  The Moonlight Ship Black light poster received five out of five stars from one customer reviewer.  He states the ship looks kind of spooky under the black light.  His favorite aspects of the poster are the white lining that surrounds the ship and the lantern that reflects in the water. 

 The Alice in Wonderland  poster is very colorful and very detailed. It measures 30 inches by 24 inches. See if you can pick out all of the characters from the movie!  It is very bright under the blacklight.

 If you don't have a black light don't forget to stock up now!  These black lights come with their own fixtures and convenient on and off switches.  A five foot power cord is included so you can easily move your black light around the room.  Customer reviews state the black light is good.  Another customer states that it is a cool item.

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K9keystrokes profile image

K9keystrokes 6 years ago from Northern, California

Always a fun addition to any party room. Retro delight!

VagabondE profile image

VagabondE 6 years ago from Hitting the road again

Black light posters bring back a lot of old memories. I haven't had a black light in years.

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