Bold and Beautiful Art of Hessam Abrishami

Abstract, whimsical, bold, bright, powerful – the art of Hessam Abrishami has been called these things and many more since he burst onto the scene with his first major showing in the late 1970s. His colorful works depict love in its many forms and have fascinated art lovers both casual and dedicated. Indeed, the Hessam art style has become recognizable worldwide.

While most of his paintings contain many of the same elements, Abrishami manages to construct each of them in different ways, giving each one their own unique depth, dimension and storyline. His paintings evoke warm feelings in those who view them but leave themselves open to interpretation with their intertwining shapes and contrasting colors. They are a bold representation of the fluidity of life and love.

Hessam Abrishami's Early Days

Growing up in Iran as the son of middle class parents and with seven brothers and sisters, Abrishami was surrounded by life and warmth, which is reflected in his color paintings. He was encouraged by a high school teacher at the age of 15 to explore his talent in art and became infatuated with the possibilities the medium offered.

Relocating to Italy, the Center of Art World

It was only two years later that he won his first painting competition, a nation-wide contest for art students. After he turned 19, Abrishami won first place in a new artist competition, also in Iran, and that victory solidified his desire to make painting his career. To further prove his devotion to the practice, Abrishami relocated to Italy, the center of the art world in his estimation, to hone his talents. The result was a master’s degree in Fine Arts from the Accademi De Belle Arti. The same year as his graduation from the academy (1979), Abrishami held his first exhibition in the City Gallery of Perugia, Italy.

Working in the United States

In 1984, Abrishami immigrated to the United States, specifically Los Angeles where he was inspired to broaden his scope and perspective. The result was work that caught the imagination of the American art world and raised his profile even further.

What so enraptured the art community was Abrishami’s vivid use of color and his figures that were flowing representations of love, often in embrace or gathering in scenes that suggested a loving relationship. Abrishami’s work has often been compared to Picasso and Cezanne and yet stands on its own through his embrace of dance, music and even laughter in the pieces.

His “Love Birds”, for instance, depicts one figure boldly reaching across the frame to deliver a peck on the cheek to an unsuspecting partner while the two title birds watch. The painting is divided into two distinct sections of sharply contrasting colors, with the figures crossing that divide in the name of love.

That sort of scene is typical of the whimsical but emotional paintings of Abrishami. Their warm style and eye-catching colors have made him one of the most popular living artists today.

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