Bracelets: Getting Creative with Wrie

Wire is an excellent medium to work with when it comes to making bracelets. You have a wide range of options and can make some beautiful items quickly and easily. Wire bracelets make awesome pieces that you can keep to add to your collection or give as gifts.

Memory Wire

Memory wire bracelets are fast and easy and let you get creative in ways other options just don't have to offer. You can use memory wire with lots of different bead choices for a wide range of looks. Another option is to add dangles. You can do this with head pins, or add charms using jump rings. This can give your bracelet a unique look.

Memory wire is also great for kids because it is easy for them to put on and take off and you don't need to help. They can make their own or they can wear your creations. For more information see Making Bracelets with Kids.

Cuff Bracelets

Cuff bracelets can be made using a metal frame and wire. You can weave the beads in for interesting looks and textures. Different bead types, sizes, and colors can make this piece more and more unique. Another great aspect of this bracelet is that one size fits most because it is bendable.

This frame was picked up at Walmart for $3. Others are available if you search for them on the Internet.

Wire Links

Wire can be made into a number of different links. These links can then be formed into bracelets that have a great look. This one is made with gold wire and Swarovski Crystals. There are small 4 mm ones that are on a tightly coiled link and then larger ones on a looser coiled link. Each link is held together with a large jump ring. The over all look is one that is dainty, feminine, and beautiful.

Wire Wrapping

A similar technique to wire links is wire wrapping. Here you will wrap the wire around each bead making a wrapped wire loop on each side. You can do all sorts of designs in wrapping your beads as well as choosing bead designs of all sorts. You can hook them together with jump rings or you can make the wrapped wire loops hook into one another.

Wire is a great medium to have a lot of fun with. You have so many choice and using your imagination will take you into whole new worlds. It doesn't have to be hard and it can have some very wonderful unexpected results!

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aidenofthetower 7 years ago Author


Awhile back the three Walmarts in our area changed the supplies that they offer as well. I am not sure what parts you are referring to, however I would guess that none of the Walmarts carry it anymore.

Good luck.

BDJewellery 7 years ago

I live in Canada and have been using the same metal bracelet frame from Walmart for my jewellery for a few years now, but, it is no longer available at the Walmart stores here in Canada. Is it still available in the Walmart stored in the US? If so could you tell me which state or city as I really need to find them

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