British Artist Beryl Cook Dies

World famous British artist Beryl Cook OBE, died Wednesday aged 81. The artist who shot to fame in 1979 after a Southbank Show special about her and her unique style.

Cook, who painted recognisable social scenes inspired by people and events she saw in clubs and pubs in and around her home town of Plymouth. In 2004 her characters were animated for a 2 part BBC special, and in 2006 the Portal Gallery in London hosted an 80Th birthday exhibition showcasing some of her most famous Canvas prints.

In 1995 she was presented with an OBE (Order Of The British Empire), and in 2002 was asked to help celebrate the Queens Jubilee by producing 'The Royal Couple'. To moarn the loss of a great artist, Plymouth University will be hosting a retrospective exhibition in November 2008.

Cook passed away peacefully at home surrounded by family. Beryl Cook, 1926 - 2008, She will be missed by all.

One of Beyrl Cook's Paintings
One of Beyrl Cook's Paintings

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earnestshub 7 years ago from Melbourne Australia

A great tribute to Beryl Cook

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