CAD/CAM Software for Fashion Designers

CAD/CAM is an outstanding software that allows you to design almost anything and everything accurately. When CAD design software were first introduced in the market they created boom but still people thought that CAD could not replace the manual method of designing. Today it has replaced manual methods in almost every field. The time and energy which is saved by using CAD cannot be replaced by other methods.

CAD Software in Fashion Designing:

In fashion designing CAD software allows you to create 3D models with the size and shape you want to create and after you have created the model you can make changes at any moment. You can change the posture, stance, size, background and any other thing. 

You can save it and store it in the library and you can use it whenever you need it. 

You can make changes or modifications in the existing designs and a brand new design will be in front of you.

If you don't want to create model or you don't know how to make one there are virtual libraries available from where you can select model or design and with slight change it will be all new all yours.

The patterns created in CAD are as accurate as possible. Patterns can be reduced in size or increased whenever required. So scaling does not require lengthy operations. You have created one pattern now you can create million of others with the help of it. Again with slight changes.

Colors can be picked up from the color libraries which contain million of colors or else you can create a new color by mixing two or more than two, again the palette has endless range of colors. Change color in the design at any point of designing.

You can upgrade your software every on and off and as new features appear on the internet you can download them. In other way you can improve your library by downloading new templates and design ideas online. 

Some other Useful CAD Software available Online

Everything is possible virtually
Everything is possible virtually | Source
Design with ease
Design with ease | Source
Design 2D and 3D
Design 2D and 3D | Source
Close to reality
Close to reality | Source
Vivid colors made easy
Vivid colors made easy | Source
Design anything in 2D
Design anything in 2D | Source

OptiTex CAD Software: OptiTex specializes in creating easy to operate software for fashion designing. These software range from simple 2D to new and modern 3D software. A virtual model can be created using this software and then you can design garments on it. The virtual model will precisely be the shape and size you provided. This software takes into account very small details that are often overlooked in other software. 3D virtual clothing is also available from which one can choose design for the model.

eTelestia CAD Software: the eTelestia CAD software is easy to download online and is easy to operate. With eTelestia software you can design your own collection without aid of a professional software expert. There are variety of demos available in the software for the help. This software allows you to design more personalized designs. eTelestia has many new options that are easier to use than previous tedious systems.

Fashion CAD: Designing is not all about creating fashion illustrations but there is more to it. There are software that help you in creating patterns for the design and they also help you in scaling the pattern and grading them. Fashion CAD is accurate pattern making software for pattern fitting. This software is ideal for home-based system as well as for industrial use. It is inexpensive too. You can make modifications with this software whenever you want to.

Adobe Illustrator: Adobe Illustrator is available easily online and in the market in the form of CDs too. This software is 2D and therefore will not give results like other software. To enhance Adobe Illustrator it is used with accessories that can be downloaded online. These accessories can be sketching templates, vector sketches, brushes, swatches and artwork layouts.

Adobe Photoshop: Adobe Photoshop is a classic software for any form of designing. Some designers prefer to use Adobe Photoshop for designing because it is the most basic software for fashion designing. Adobe Photoshop works best with Coral Draw so you can create few features in one and then import file in the other software to make other changes or to draw more. Adobe Photoshop is avail;able in CDs and online too.

Coral Draw: Coral Draw is a very user-friendly software and one can learn it readily.There are books available on how to use Coral Draw. Otherwise there are tutorial available online to learn tools of Coral Draw. In Coral Draw with the help of nodes you can make any shape and design. Though other software provide precise model to draw on but it is not very difficult to draw a model in Coral Draw too only you need some expertise in drawing.

iEchosoft: iEchosoft is providing complete range of software for pattern making, marking and grading. The system is easy to operate and user-friendly. One can create 3D designs as well as 2D designs. The color system is based on international standard Pantone coloring system. The library for designs is wide and varied and you can also download more designs from internet. Patterns can be created from various approaches as suitable to you like pattern design approach, proportion pattern making, formula pattern making, prototype pattern making, convinient pattern making, intellective structure-line pattern making etc.

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gulnazahmad 6 years ago from Pakistan Author

I have added your website and software in my list. Looking forward to more from you.

abin 6 years ago

i need some of the software.

gulnazahmad profile image

gulnazahmad 6 years ago from Pakistan Author

Some of these software are available free of charges on internet, other need to be purchased but all of them are available on internet. Thanks for the comment.

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bugslady8949 6 years ago from The Bahamas

you did a great job on this hub, keep up the good work.

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viryabo 6 years ago

Very well written with good details.

Thanks for sharing gulnaz.

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gulnazahmad 5 years ago from Pakistan Author

Thanks viryabo for your comments

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imkd 5 years ago

nice writing... good quality work. linked it back from my hub.

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kailashpate368 4 years ago

Really I appreciate the effort you made to share the knowledge.

wasi 4 years ago

I need a dress design cad sofware if u have then inform me pls.


Chris 2 years ago

Hi ,

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charles digens 20 months ago

You are a piece of crap you are going around the web calling peoples names and insulting them. you are the one who has to be ashamed of himself, tricking people with fake softwares. you will regret it trust me. and stop spamming the board prostituting yourself

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