A Skilled Cabinetmaker

That's how I describe what my husband does for a living. When we first met, I didn't understand the skill set needed to be a master cabinetmaker. I n my world, anyone that worked with wood was called a carpenter. My grandfather was a carpenter. But it wasn't until I met my future husband that I learned that there is actually a great difference between the two occupations. All of the pictures in this hub are examples of my husbands work. I think he's very talented.

Fancy Hotel Front Desk with Birdhouse Design

Woodworking for Fun

Even though he's a bit burned out from working on wood projects for a living, my husband enjoys making nice wooden toys for our granddaughter.

Every XMAS he starts building a toy train part or other project for a Christmas present.

He made these for our granddaughter but now we have a new grandson. He might have to start earlier this coming year!

Fun Toys for the Grandkids

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