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A personal hobby of mine when using my digital camera at night is to take blurred pictures of street lights. I've found that you can blend light patterns when you take a picture without flash while moving the camera around. This art form is probably nothing new, and is probably considered by many to not even be art, but nevertheless they are fun to take. Its usually trial and error, and you may have to take quite a few pictures in order to get a few that you lie, but its worth it. There are numerous possibilites for these shots depending on the way you move the camea and the speed at which you mve it. I usually take them in black and white shots, but seeing as it is the christmas season, I decided to try some in color shots to get the most out of the different light displays around town. Those are particularly fun to take, because there are so many vibrant colors streaming acoss the photographs. I posted a few down below that I took earlier tonight.

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Chuck profile image

Chuck 9 years ago from Tucson, Arizona

Very clever. These are actually very good designs. Keep up the good work and why don't you share some of your black and white works in another hub?

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