Can You Find The Painting Within The Painting?

Design Painted by my Granddaughter
Design Painted by my Granddaughter

Beginning The Painting

I just finished another experiment in under-painting a new canvas. My little granddaughter painted a smaller scale of the design first. Then I copied her artistic endeavors onto my larger canvas. The under-painting is done in acrylic--which makes a great base for the final oil painting and is quick drying. The actual canvas is pretty large, 24" by 48."

The Final Painting

The painting I finally completed ( over the original design ) is shown here. It is painted in oil from a photo my niece took while in Africa. I loved her picture and especially the colors, although I did take some artistic license in the final rendering of it. See if you can tell where the under-painting is. Can you recognize any of the design in the final painting? Do you think the under-painting changed the way the painting looks in any way? Just a fun experiment!!

South African Landscape
South African Landscape

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Christopher Price profile image

Christopher Price 4 years ago from Vermont, USA

Very nice work. And I applaud the fact I can enlarge the photo to better it.


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