Car Design Insight new FB page for Car Design lovers & students

Car Design Insight FB page
Car Design Insight FB page

Car Design Insight, why a new FB page?

Dear friends,

designer Michele Leonello, designer Shane Paul Sumampouw and myself (Luciano Bove) decided to open a new Facebook page about Car Design education and we named it "Car Design Insight".

many of you are probably asking "why"? There are so many pages about car sketching, car renderings, car lovers, blogs about car design portfolios....the answer is because after searching we realized that we have few blogs talking about the Design education subject in details (like mine Car Design Education Tips) but we do not have a website or facebook page that puts together, managed by people that are involved daily with Design Education, all the arguments with passion and devotion ready to take live all questions and give all answers possible to help you car lovers or young design students around the world.

This is our commitment!

We want to be closer to you all 3 together informing you searching for you and using all sources we can publish to make you discover a bit more about our car design world from school time to final job time in a real car design studio.

We think that this idea can help all the indicided, all people want to show their parents about this car designer profession, the page can help all people far away curious to learn about something they cannot imagine because of cultural barriers.

Since a week the Car Design Insight page is opened and started to inform about the necessary steps to become a car designer.

CDI Team

Car Design Insight team is made of :

Michele Leonello italian, former designer at Alfa Romeo and currently freelancer and design teacher at SPD design school in Milano Italy.

Shane paul Sumampouw from Indonesia, freelance designer ex student at Trisakti University Product Design

Myself Luciano Bove R&D Senior Design Manager at Reanult, graduated at Art Center College of Design pasadena USA, former Fiat design manager and design teacher, owner of Car Design education Tips blog.

Luciano Bove
Luciano Bove
Michele Leonello
Michele Leonello
Shane Paul Sumampouw
Shane Paul Sumampouw

Many students contact me and my friends to ask how to choose the best design school, or how to prepare an entry portfolio for design school admission, many times asking also to get a feedback about their mini portfolio.

We used to answer in a separeted way, however now we are better coordinated to give (we think) a better service motivated by our passion for our job and motivated by the will to help who is a little lost!

So here we are with this new initiative hoping that it can really be of help.

How I became a designer by Luciano Bove

My visit at FHS university of Applied Science in Salzbourg Austria

The video on the right is a part of my short conference about How to become a car designer and about Design project management.

At the end of May I have been kindly invited by the FHS University of Applied Science in Austria for a "design talk" to all students.

In this video you will see the introduction part when I talk about my personal story how I became a car designer.

Giorgetto Giugiaro - Porsche Tapiro rendering
Giorgetto Giugiaro - Porsche Tapiro rendering

From old times to today design masters

Giorgetto Giugiaro is the Italian designer probably most popular in the world. He is the man that made entire generations dream about innovation and beautiful products specially his cars and prototypes since early 60's.

Giugiaro (I had the pleasure to meet in Torino) is known as "the Maestro" a sort of Master of car design for his creativity talent and capacity in experimenting always new car proportions and architectures.

It is useless tell you what he accomplished in his long career full of honors, what is important is that many young car design lovers started their career motivated by this man by "the maestro" just like me!

Chris Bangle former VP Design at BMW
Chris Bangle former VP Design at BMW

Mr Bangle

If Giugiaro is the best example of when the car designer profession started in a period without car design schools (except for the beginning of Art Center College in Los Angeles), Mr Bangle is (to me) the right example of a talented american ex student of Art Center College of Design whom after his BS in Transportation design moves to a small design studio in USA (where he learned a lot about methods and organization) and later on jumps to Europe at Opel as designer and few years later lands in Torino at Fiat Auto Spa design center with the job of reorganizing completely an almost dead design team and studio!

Mr Bangle is my ex chief, yes! I was hired by him on my first job which was at Fiat as exterior designer I just came from California back in my country and it was very exciting for me to have an american boss from my same school! it was 1989 in November!

Later on he got a very good offer from BMW and he accepted it making a brilliant design career climbing to the most important design job post in BMW.

If today BMWs are very appreciated is because late 90's Bangle made big changes to BMW car culture risking his job several times, at the end he was right even if some people are still mad at him for having provoked such a change to BMWs. I think he did right!

I learnt a lot with him and some times when I am confronted with difficult decisions or istances I think "what would he do?". It helps to make safer decisions and keep the adrenalina high!

Arte Center College of Design - Pasadena - USA
Arte Center College of Design - Pasadena - USA | Source

It all started there at ACCD

I could not finish this Hub without mentioning my design school Art Center College of Design in Pasadena - USA.

It all started there, my adventure from a little city in South Italy to the States in this incredible design education excellence.

I spent probably my best and unforgettable years there learning about discipline, method, priorities, project management, skills, tools, design and car companies, internships a lots more without forgetting the friends melting pot the thing that made me really rich in my head.

If today I am where I am is thanks to my parents and to this school!

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© 2013 Luciano Bove

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