Car Interior Sketches

Pininfarina Rossa interior sketch
Pininfarina Rossa interior sketch | Source

Car Interior sketches are not easy to draw and render, it is true if designers say that car interiors are more difficult to draw compared to car exteriors. While exteriors have some basic important rules to be respected having the ellipses for wheels being the most difficult to learn and apply, car interiors are more complicated for 2 reasons:

1. perspective drawing multiple volumes and shapes including the empity spaces

2. rendering and illustrating are harder because of depth and shading

Car Interior Sketch line drawing
Car Interior Sketch line drawing | Source

This interior line drawing sketch has been done with a black ball point pen on white paper, the view has been chosen to show well driver and passanger side including full dashboard and one door panel (driver).

It is like drawing in an empty box with a transparent top, sections are on main shapes and volumes mainly to keep control of the all interior in terms of proportions and perspective, this method gives also a good control whe we will apply shadows according to our light source.

The side passanger seat usually is not indicated to show full dashboard and also center console, the light drawing of car structure and pillars is done to give a exterior/interior relation to the drawing, some details make the drawing more realistic and also fun to do.

Cross hatching technique to make a nice simple shading to create an effective dept to the drawing.

Now we can move on to render it or a part of it, here next step I made.

Car Interior Sketch light rendering
Car Interior Sketch light rendering | Source

First thing I did was to scan my car interior line drawing and prepare myself to apply some color to it using a digital device (Paint 6 in this case...some time ago).

Focal Point

Before starting I laid down my composition on page, I cut my drawing to create a real center of interest we call The Focal Point, so here you can see that I concentrated the interior illustration on my dashboard.


I applied colors following my beloved classical method: warm and cold color tones, the dashboard is warm and all plastic elements will be a medium dark cold gray...the rest it is easy if you learned about theory of reflextions on objects (it is something we learn in school at the very beginning of our career).


Details are very important to give quality and realism to our rendering so you can see a nice shading inside the center dash console (storage space), airvents indications, navigation so on.

Clio 4 Interior sketch by Matteo Piguzzi
Clio 4 Interior sketch by Matteo Piguzzi | Source

I would like to end this Hub with this beautiful early sketch of latest Renault Clio 4 made by Matteo Piguzzi senior designer at Renault Design.

This rendering is a very good example of how to draw and render an interior using a simple and strong technique, a very expressive perspective and a very good focal point (driver side).

I hope you enjoy!

© 2012 Luciano Bove

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