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Tutorial by Luciano Bove
Tutorial by Luciano Bove | Source

Car sketches and car sketching are very important for any car design lover or any car design student. What beginners search on internet the most is "car sketches" on google to find cool sketches and also demo tutorials made by good talented students and designers.

On Facebook there are several groups about car design and car illustrations with several great samples about how to do to draw well cars.

Here a small list you can refer to find the right info at the right place:

Luciano Bove Car Design Education Tips page

Arvind Ramkrishna

Andrey Chirkov

Check them out because they are really well made, it will be easy to understand.

Tutorial by Luciano Bove
Tutorial by Luciano Bove | Source
Tutorial by Luciano Bove
Tutorial by Luciano Bove | Source

My tutorial here in 3 steps is very simple, it is not a design proposal but just a demo about how we can draw a car in 3/4 front View with a black ball point pen like a Bic.

Step 1 is to lay down lines to get proportions and also a light line-work about what we want to draw: in this case a car. Lets not forget to draw the Center Line of our car called Y0 because this way we can have a better control about perspective and proportions. When we start sketching lines we have to think about:

-Perspective rules


-Composition on page (static Vs dynamic)

Step2 is about getting more into our creative proposal working much more on lines and getting right down the car we are thinking to draw. We add details like front and lights and main face including front bumper. We define well the hood and windshield, then we draw details on the side body adding side sections to illustrate how the side of the car is. We do the same thing on side glass remembering that all glass surfaces will be a little transparent so we can have a feel of the interior of our car.

In this step 2 we also add details about wheel design and the car shadow on the ground to make sure that overall proportions and perspective are and feel correct.

Step3 is the final one. Now it is time to render a bit more our car shape or car sketch, we make some details a bit tighter to give more realism to the car sketch, we use also cross hatching technique to shade volumes of our car and make glass surfaces look transparent. Crossing lines gives the effect of a real shading, doing it with a good transition will give a great result.

So our car sketching 3/4 front view tutorial is completed, about 10 minutes a black ball point pen and a A4 white paper. I suggest to you to print it and draw over it many times following the technique of our 3 Steps, you will learn easy as long as you try many times!


© 2012 Luciano Bove

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rcharanraj 3 years ago

Hello sir,

Iam currently doing my automobile engg in India. I will finish my course in 2014. I want to do my masters in car designing. I would like some help on improving my sketching skills.if u could tell me some basic steps of learning sketching it would be great help. I have already liked and msged on your fb page.

luciano63 profile image

luciano63 3 years ago from Paris Author

Hi check it here you will find basic tutorials I have made for my followers and put your LIKE too!

rcharanraj 3 years ago

Thanks a lot...:) i will keep you posted about my progress..!! :)

luciano63 profile image

luciano63 3 years ago from Paris Author

OK and stay not forget to put your LIKE on FB pages!

rcharanraj 3 years ago

surely ..:D thanks a lot..:)

Nita 23 months ago

If I were a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle, now I'd say "Kongbuwaa, dude!"

Elaine 23 months ago

Fiinndg this post solves a problem for me. Thanks!

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