Castles in ASCII Text Art


I like castles because they are about history, stone and endurance. Castles are fun to make with ASCII Art. The shapes suit text characters. A lot of it is plain up and down and side to side. There aren't many circular shapes.

Some artists add shading to their castle art. I haven't gotten that far with my own. But, I did make an ASCII art sandcastle as my very first castle done in text art. The interesting thing was finding a way to make sure my sandcastle looked like a sandcastle rather than a stone castle. I added the shovel. Don't think I'm just naturally brilliant. I had the idea from a drawing in a colouring book. It worked great. Mine was the first and only ASCII art sandcastle for a long time. But, I found another (shown below).

These ASCII art castles are not all created by myself. They are a gallery of castles created by myself and other artists. You can find these online and in a few still existing ASCII art galleries. I put them here to preserve the art and show it off.

Castles in ASCII Art

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That Grrl profile image

That Grrl 4 years ago from Barrie, Ontario, Canada Author

Only one of these is my own. I have more castles which I made in my post with dragon ASCII art. This post is a gallery to show off what people can do with text art.

Robie Benve profile image

Robie Benve 4 years ago from Ohio

Really impressive ascii art, it brought me back to when email had a black screen and white text and these images were very popular. Did you actually made them all or is it a collection from other people?

Nice. :)

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