A Fun Christmas Card Craft For Kids

If you are looking for a fun Christmas craft for kids, here is a Christmas card craft idea. A cheap and easy Christmas card can be made out of your child's old crayons, some wax paper, and some construction paper or a pre-made card.

Use extreme caution when doing this Christmas card craft. kids should not do this craft unattended and a responsible adult should do the work with the iron to prevent the iron from being ruined or a fire being started.

Get a variety of your child's old crayon nubs and grind or sharpen to get shavings. Cut two pieces of wax paper in the shape of a church window, Christmas tree, stocking (or any Christmas-themed shape) to cover the front of your card.

Warm an iron. Place the shavings inside the wax paper. Cover with a thin piece of cloth and using a warm iron gently iron over the wax paper which is covered by the cloth. This will melt the shavings causing the two pieces of wax paper to stick together.

The result is a piece of art that resembles a church's stained glass window. Glue the window on the front of your card which is pre-made or made by you out of construction paper. When it dries, write your message inside. You may want to write your message in on one side and a Bible verse in on the other side.

Have fun doing this Christmas card craft with your child.

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Jamie Brock profile image

Jamie Brock 6 years ago from Texas

These are neat.. thank you for sharing!

Jordan Riley profile image

Jordan Riley 6 years ago

Useful points that you have made.

Will check out your other hubs

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