Art| Christo's Running Fence Review- what is the meaning?

Christo's Running Fence

photo compliments of Jane Endenburg, Gavalin College
photo compliments of Jane Endenburg, Gavalin College

art- valuable or waste of money?

A thought on Christo's "Running Fence" Earthworks project

Does this artwork hold significant content and meaning in regards to culture, life, art....? Is it beautiful or ugly? Or is it a waste of time and money? What is the value (meaning and monetary) of such an artwork?

What is my take on Christo's running fence?This type of art can be seen as a waste of money, time, energy, and resources to some if a pure business approach is taken. I think, however, that the number of people that were involved in the project, along with the countless legal hoops that had to be negotiated, if nothing else, accomplished one thing: it made people talk about and consider art in a unique way.

It was a large personal statement of the artists' desire to make this piece happen. I appreciate his comment that he didn't care if it was destroyed immediately after completion. This indicates that he saw the construction itself as an art form, not just the product of the construction. This alone causes one to consider the value of art. After all, where is the value?

Is it only in the finished piece? Or is it in the process? I believe that the process is as much a value as the finished piece. In this instance, the finished work has beauty and value that may not be as obvious as some pieces of art. The beauty and value are in the cooperation of so many people. The beauty and value are in the tenacity to forge ahead against all odds. The beauty and value are in the passion and desire for something beyond the norm. And, the beauty and value are in the final piece as light and shadow move along the miles of out stretched lines that cause an individual to stop and consider it.

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