Vintage Pin-Up Girl Art

Whether it's the vintage nylon stockings or burlesque... pin-up girls are the best!

The works of famous artists, such as; Gil Elvgren, Arnold Armitage, Ben-Hur Baz, Rolf Armstrong, Joyce Ballantyne, and many other talented artists of that era, have brought to life the beauty of pin-up art to its fullest. Cheesecake (pin-ups), as it is often referred to, began to gain much popularity in the 1930s. These images were painted on calendars, advertisements, postcards, newspapers, as well as the photo pin-ups that GI's hung up in their lockers during WWII. These pin-up ladies are often dressed in sexy clothing, such as: skirts, lingerie, petticoats, stockings, garter belts, girdles, bullet bras, and more. They are also even seen nude. The expressions that are drawn upon their faces are seductive and classic. Did I mention cute? The poses that were drawn by fantasy of these artists are incredible. Pin-ups were typically painted simply as self-portraits, or captured "caught unexpectedly" in various situations, such as; playing with a dog, sliding down a staircase, getting out of the tub, fixing a tire, amongst other adorable poses. Pin-ups are unforgettable, and their sex appeal lingers on just as much today, as it has in the past. With just one look, it leaves us feeling nostalgic and captivated in the beauty of this art. Thanks to the talent and gifted hands of the artists that created them, I must say... this is better than cheesecake! :) Please enjoy the images of the artwork of Gil Elvgren and Rolf Armstrong, as well as the video featuring the artwork of other talented artists!

Enjoy these beautiful images!

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John Daffodils profile image

John Daffodils 5 years ago from Lincoln, Nebraska


angoliver profile image

angoliver 5 years ago Author

Thank you! :)

epigramman profile image

epigramman 5 years ago

....well John certainly has good taste and yes for Epi too it's a good day to be a man - lol lol - but just the same these women are artfully drawn in a most idealistic and perfect way ........and you have something in common with this hub - your hubs are classic too!

lake erie time 9:55pm ontario canada

angoliver profile image

angoliver 5 years ago Author

Hey Epi, glad you enjoy pin-up art as much as I do! By the way... your hubs are very delightful, too! Thanks for the lovely comment!! :)

Dexter Yarbrough profile image

Dexter Yarbrough 5 years ago from United States

Hi Angoliver! I really enjoyed reading this as well as watching the video.

angoliver profile image

angoliver 5 years ago Author

Thanks Dex! I appreciate it!! :)

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SusieQ42 5 years ago

Yup, I remember Marilyn Monroe! I'll bet she was on many posters! Thanks for the informative hub. Voted up and interesting.

angoliver profile image

angoliver 5 years ago Author

Hi SusieQ42, I love Marilyn Monroe, and yes, I'm sure she was on quite a few posters! Thank you so much for voting my hub up, I appreciate it!! :)

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