Creating Your own Crochet Blanket Design

step 1

 Find a piece of graph paper.

step 2

 Fill in boxes to create a design. 

step 3

consider each box 5-double crochet's across and five upwards.  So one row of boxes would be about 2 inches high by 2 inches wide. 

This should measure about 2 inches in width

step 4

Now decide how large or small you would like your blanket to be?

If 5 double crochet is 2 inches in width.

Example: 75 inches wide would be 15 boxes across the graph paper

84 inches long would be 17 boxes up graph (starting at first row)

This would be length of say a twin bed.

Mark out section with marker and design away.

******Unless your experienced enough for massive color changes in one row. I would suggest to try and reduce the number of times in each row for changing colors*******(I learned the hard way)

pattern suggestions

 I would suggest using a basic double crochet stitch on very first row,  using a front post back post stitch would be good, basket weave stitch or whatever suits your fancy. 

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shimeika 5 years ago

can you add the name Journey to filet

yarnyokel 5 years ago

There is no limit to what you can design. Fill in the boxes to create the name Journey. You can go to my website. there are hundreds of names and patterns free

Pamala 4 months ago

I would like to make a hat with my on the front of it. My name is pamala and I am trying to m as ke sure I center it right. I want a beanie hat. My email is I love your lettering I am trying to crocheting with more.

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