How a Fortune 500 Logo comes about!

Fortune 500 Logo's

What is in a logo?

While many of us are fully capable of designing and creating a logo for our company, there is yet an even easier way to get your logo from floor to top shelf is just a short time. I have had problems for a long time finding a company or website that was competent enough to design a great logo.

Thus I decided to start my own company specializing in the creation of award winning fortune 500 logos. Currently at this time I have yet to create that logo, but it isn’t for lack of trying. At Elitepublishing’s & Graffix a Tennessee sevierville graphic design company, I ensure the utmost quality and professionalism by keeping my company small it allows me to work one-on-one with you the customer, to help you design that “perfect logo”.

Many people have come to me and said “Smitty, how is it my company hasn’t succeeded?” First and foremost the way you present your company is like that of a person; your company logo is the first thing that sticks in your customers mind.

Example: Merrill Lynch, Ford, Wal-Mart, Bank of America, and everyone knows what British Petroleum’s logo is!

See your logo has to stick out in people’s minds, check out the full list of Fortune 500 companies to get a better understanding of what is in a great logo. Think of it like this, your logo is your companies clothing. If you wear rags you’re not going to get rich, unless your business is ghetto sheik, at last this is usually not the situation, but rather to have the highest grade clothing possible is to have the look that we’re going after here.

Just to give you an idea of what Elite Publishing's & Graffix is all about Google Search "based graphic design" and see which position and page we are on. We currently hold second place world wide behind a company from Bangkok, and first place in the USA. For a company owned and operated out of a small town like Sevierville, TN. we're not doing too bad!

Logos Using Initials

Top Networks Use Initials
Top Networks Use Initials

Logo Design Ideas

Coming up with that “just right” logo design is something that takes shape slowly but surely.

Elite Publishing’s & Graffix logo was designed with an age old trend in mind. That age old trend just happens to be initials. Think about major logos from our major television networks, CBS, NBC, MTV, & ABC just to name a few, these companies we’re way ahead of their time.

And why?; Simply because they figured out it was easier for a customer to remember 3 initials versus remembering Columbia Broadcasting System. They were right and have been the basis for company logos ever since. Today you have companies like LG, FB (facebook), and AT&T that dominate the market with simple logos. Creating your logo has never been simpler.

What could have been!

Creative Representation Only
Creative Representation Only

Brand Logo?

Now that you have your initial company logo what next? Designing a brand to go with it is the next step. All the companies listed above have a brand logo, whether it is a simple colorful peacock design like NBC, or an eye logo like CBS. Creating this type of brand gets a little bit trickier. This is where the experts at Elite Publishing’s & Graffix come in. At EPG we will work with you to design an appropriate brand to match your logo. We have created logos from the simplest sketches.

My favorite story is the time a guy came to me with a folded up liquor stained bar napkin that had a sketch on it. His buddies and he came up with it after a very important “meeting of minds” as he called it (AKA getting hammered at a local bar). We were able to go over this crumpled matter of product genius and come up with their company brand logo and no time at all. Keep it simple is our motto, think too hard and you might just miss what’s been sitting in front of your face the whole time. It just so happens that the ring left from a “red colored drink” turned out to be incorporated in the company’s logo. It just goes to show you that its “progress” not “perfection”.

I would like to say that this story is true, but i just can't. This is just a fictional idea of how your logo can come about, and shows how creative we can be at EPG a sevierville computer repair & design company. By no means do we claim to have created this logo what-so-ever, but the story just might have gone like that, guess you'll never know.


Founder of EPG
Founder of EPG

Help us, Help You!

Now that you have a basic idea of how simple it can be to create a Fortune 500 style logo is, let EPG put their skills to work for you; don’t wait contact us today. We are working hard to make your company stand out and would love the opportunity to help you succeed in the world of business marketing and advertising.


President / CEO
Elite Publishing’s & Graffix

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