Creativity in Design Schools

CarGo Concept by Adam Schacter
CarGo Concept by Adam Schacter | Source

Design students from India!

Dear friends,

thank you for sending me your mini books for evaluation and my Car Design Education Tips blog Facebook page I receve several requests specially from India design school students which are really actives.

I look at them with interest trying to find the big mistakes (in my opinion...) to let you know what not to do again, to give you an opinion from someone that works as designer and most of all gave car design lessons in several schools and still is envolved with them.

This Hub is for you students from design schools in India! Yes I am writing for you because I think that you are doing very good progresses, your design schools are pushing you and stressing you to be very good in sketching..drawing images...portfolio organization.

I know you have sponsored projects and foreign lecturers that give you a feeling of what is happening here in Europe or in USA or in Japan.

However there is something bothering me about your minibooks and because it is something general to all of your minibooks...I think I'd better tell you what it is and what suggest you to do!

Sketches | Source

Exercise your cretivity!

Exercise your creativity the most you can while being in school because after it will be too late!

That is it!

Your minibooks are (lately) showing a very good portfolio organization, but the content is lacking in genuinity in creativity in fresh ideas. I noticed that some of your works are completed school projects...this (to me) means that you are asked to make sort of today design restylings!

At least that is how I feel it seen from my point of you when I compare your minibooks to those coming from Europe or USA!

Now 3 things:

1. You do not listen to your teachers and prefer to execute a "safe" project because of cultural vision, so it is much easier to make a better design of an existing car than making a complete new concept. If this is the case you are making a big mistake! When you send your portfolios around in design studios...well we receive it look at it searching for the new talent and we do not find it! We only see cool illustration of something not so fresh or creative

2. Your teachers give you projects like those I see and you just do your best to make an excellent restyling. Wrong again! Tell your teachers to change projects or check out other design schools and try to compare projects to understand if your portfolio is risking to become a bit old fashioned....

3. You are putting those projects in your book without understanding that 1 project would be ok, but all the rest of your minibook has to be made of very creative projects! In this case you are making the big mistake...don't anymore!

Creativity and talent go together to make an amazing portfolio...remember this!

magnet car project by Matus Prochaczka
magnet car project by Matus Prochaczka | Source
Mercedes Silver Arrow Concept
Mercedes Silver Arrow Concept | Source


When we are in school we went through a difficult selection (in most cases..), we start working to plan and prepare our future as possible designers and we know that we will be in a very competitive environment competing also with all other design schools around the we have to work hard in order to get there! (Most diplomas happen at the same period of the year)

Now to do all this our (your) plan is to learn well all tools (given by our teachers) to improve our skills and feel confident in making projects...this methodology will be repeated every year of school untill you get your bachelor or diploma...BUT the most important element of all this is your creative talent!

Yes your talent and your creativity you have to know your creative limits as much as possible while you are in school because in school it is like a SPA you excercise and excercise day by day and every day you push your limits a bit more...this is what every good student should do in design school.

The amazing portfolio is the result of all this: method, skills, talent and great creativity!

The pictures I published here are a good example about what I am talking about, I wanted to give you an idea not only with my words but also using images...

I hope you enjoied this hub! If yes please share it among your friends ;)

© 2013 Luciano Bove

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maverick 3 years ago

Thanks for your straightforward criticism. I wouldn't place all the blame on students, for ex: ISD in Pune is a 'styling' school, they don't teach creativity, design thinking or Design innovation. They teach styling/presentation, what would you expect?

And considering 1100 years of foreign rule and emancipation of India, students are doing great. Hey, Chinese students are still copying, at least in India they are re-styling and in no time will reach there creative potential. Give it a break will ya !!

luciano63 profile image

luciano63 3 years ago from Paris Author

Dear Maverick I understand however I would like to see those portfolios taken seriously into consideration....I believe it is possible and also that design schools must change a bit on their method if they want to be successfull...thanks for your comment.

maverick 3 years ago

Dear Luciano, I would say the biggest problem with design schools in India/China is that they don't teach engineering along with Design. They only teach tools and skills and not creative problem solving. And personally I have seen that students who are good at Styling are rarely creative and visa-versa. Most of the students think that learning to style/sketch will make them a car/transportation designer. That's a wrong approach. But design schools in India are here to make money and not to teach real world problem solving, because being a designer is a trend. The best designers I have met have hard-core engineering background.

Yes, it is possible to change the approach, but who's gonna do it? But if some professors/design heads of the schools have read your post, may be it will affect.

Brian Baker 3 years ago

Design Friends

As a Design educator at CCS here in Detroit I see students from across the planet. I must agree that there are cultural barriers for students from all parts of the world. Including the USA and Europe.

Students challenging themselves to create truly original designs is a HUGE issue in Design Education. Too many students are going to Design Colleges thinking that they want to be designers but they spend the first three years just learning to draw vehicles.

If you want to spend you life in Auto Design, you must understand the complex challenges of packaging, branding, and how to sell your ideas within your organization. Notice I didn't mention the hard sciences of the Engineering world. You must be capable of engaging the Engineering community and having meaningful dialogue. But do not become a slave to the disciplines of Manufacturing.

In my 30 years as an Automobile Designer and Educator on three continents, the most creative designers ive worked with empathize with all aspects of the industry ( includign marketing) but do not limit their creativity to what is only possible today.

My advice to young designers: "Free yourself from imitation, be bold, You may not win every design review but you will develop your own original design philosophy. This is what will make your unique in the world of vehicle design. It also will advance our art form and reshape the vehicle culture of our planet" Brian C. Baker AutoArcheology

luciano63 profile image

luciano63 3 years ago from Paris Author

Brian thanks for your valuable comment I totally agree with you , Thank you!

archilion 3 years ago

maverick just seems to be a kid-in-the-school who hates to take criticism. I totally agree with you luciano. design education in India needs the serious element of creativity and away from those 'safe' approaches. India has not been among the front runner of styling and aesthetic sensibility. It's developing society has been driven more by the economics than any other factor that could fuel the risk-taking ideas. But with mushrooming design schools in India, it's the right time for students and teachers to step-up and prove how they are better than the herd. Thinking out of the box solutions is the only way to stand out. Gone is the time when Art used to 'reflect' the society. Now artists have the opportunity to 'define' the society, so better make a good use of it.

luciano63 profile image

luciano63 3 years ago from Paris Author

Archilion, thanks for your comment! I agree it is now that they should start putting basis for a new thinking.....because it is going to take a long time anyway and the world turns a lot faster than ever....

luciano63 profile image

luciano63 3 years ago from Paris Author

Dear Maverick you wrote a comment that I decided not to publish and the reason is very simple: just too agressive! I do not permit this on my space, OK? So because I am very democratic person please re-write it but in a peaceful way and without references to politics or revolutions....because it is not the subject here.

Thank you!

luciano63 profile image

luciano63 3 years ago from Paris Author

Every student in a design school has to listen to and learn from teachers! At the same time evey student should be as creative as possible to show he/she can become a designer one day or another...

Harshal Patil, NID 3 years ago

Thanks for your post Luciano. I agree with you.

I would like to point out a fact and add to your post that, many automobile design students in India have never driven a car. That is one of the most important things when you sit down to design.

Students don't know how it feels when you push the throttle. The sound, the vibration and all the feelings associated with the car should reflect in the design. This approach is kind of missing here. Students should understand that the car is not what it looks but what it feels like. For example: when we see a Mustang, we can immediately imagine how it's sound is gonna be and how the car is gonna perform.

Students should create such persona for their concept and then think of the design elements. This would help create some real world concepts.

Students who search for renders online for inspiration should broaden their thinking and learn to work from scratch.

Some students try to find inspiration for design from outside of the automobile world (which I think is not a bad approach) but they should not ignore the machine that is going to run that vehicle.

I'd like to advice students that learn to drive first. It's like reading the soul of the vehicle. In other words, don't fall in love with a girl for her looks but fall for her soul. Similarly, don't design the body of the vehicle but its soul.

luciano63 profile image

luciano63 3 years ago from Paris Author

Dear Harshal,

thank you for your valuable comment!

Kiran Modagi profile image

Kiran Modagi 3 years ago

hi I am from India....I'm 17 yrs dream is to become an automobile designer.....

my parents worry about the placement and the salary of an automobile designer.....they are afraid that I would not get a good job with high salary by studying in design school.....moreover worry is about the investment in the school as fee...:(

please provide me some info about where to study....job and salary and company so that I can convince my parents...


luciano63 profile image

luciano63 3 years ago from Paris Author

Dear Kiran to become a car designer is a question of passion and not money! To beome one you need a good design school which often is private and with a cost to support..this is an investement on your future if you have the talent! In India you have NID DSK ISD and few other read my articles there is one in which I talk about India design schools! How to chose your best design school...heck it out or follow me on FB search for Car Design Education tips blog page!

Kiran Modagi profile image

Kiran Modagi 3 years ago

thankyou very much for ur reply...

designing cars is my passion.....but my parents worry about money i get from it....:( thankyou... i will post my work on ur FB page..:)

profile image

okhot11 3 years ago

Dear sir,

I am from India, a beginner of automobile design.

Where do I get tutorials of Autodesk Alias and Photoshop? (for BEGINNER)

luciano63 profile image

luciano63 3 years ago from Paris Author

Autodesk has a website with video and image tutorials search on google!

profile image

Pratham24 2 years ago from Nashik

Dear sir, should I be doing BDes after bachelor's in Engineering or MDes? Please reply me as soon as possible at: thank you

profile image

Pratham24 2 years ago from Nashik

I mean would I be wasting my time doing engineering?

profile image

Pratham24 2 years ago from Nashik

And I'm planning to take admission in MIT ID PUNE. Is it a good school? Sorry for so many

luciano63 profile image

luciano63 2 years ago from Paris Author

Do you want to become a designer? Do a Design school! DSK ISD in Pune is not bad!

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