Crochet-Patterns and All things Yarn

Finding Things to Crochet with Yarn

 I just love finding new patterns for crochet.   I am always looking at things and wondering if I could crochet that.  Don't you?   Because you just never know!   Sometimes things turn out great, but other times ((((not so great))))    My blog that I started is coming along nicely.  I am just looking for ways to tell everyone about my own personal challenge and to get them involved.   Come to the Crochet-Challenge  or you can go to my website--Yarn

I will be finding new ways to create things in yarn.  I will be bringing them to you and showing the world this time instead of unraveling them and creating something new out of old




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    Always Searching for Things For YOU

     I will be searching and posting links on this page to help you also to find things to do with yarn.  If your reading this then you are crazy with the yarn --Like ME...;)

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