Custom Framing Stores in Greensboro just keep on popping up all over the place

If you ever visit a professional and styling art gallery, you will always find the paintings on exhibition encapsulated by rather unique and attractive frames. Frames made out of intricately carved wood or metal and sometimes even 22 carat gold.

Did you ever wonder then, where those frames came from, or who was involved in its creation whether the frame was mass produced or artfully hand made by an expert?

This is a very competitive industry in the art world. And wherever you find an art gallery you will also find specialist picture framers. The two markets seem to co-depend on each other. Art stores and popular galleries in general also cater for customers who need picture framing done at affordable prices.

Finding a good Framer is easy in the whole of North Carolina.

Perhaps you have one or two family portraits that bear a long tradition and you feel that reframing it would preserve your family heirloom for the benefit of your children and so on, then the best thing you could do is call up a few of the many framing stores in Greensboro and ask for a quotation. There exists a long directory list of so many companies and galleries that offer this type of service in the little North Carolina City.

North Carolina and its people are very passionate about art, and its preservation. In fact it is home to the bulk of such stores in the US. Galleries and framing stores are eager to provide specialist services to the public in addition to playing host to some of the works of famous artists from around the globe.

As far as the framing services go, they not only see to artworks and oil paintings, but also frame certificates, diplomas, photographs, your favourite memorabilia – in fact anything you can think of that would be very creatively displayed on a wall.

Not to mention you can also choose from an assortment of digital prints of painted art that they can custom frame for you adding to your purchase value. If you feel like you are quite the connoisseur and would like to expand your existing art collection, then you can brave out and invest in a new classy original for your living room.

Fancy giving picture framing a try?

Some of the more popular framing stores in Greensboro will be able to sell you what they call a ‘sectional framing kit’ for art enthusiasts and do-it-yourself types. All the instructions are included to set you up for a nice little project you can do at home. If you have a picture or painting that you just want framed without making it too elaborate, you can get it going very quickly.

They often have a wide variety of styles and colours to choose from. Take an accurate measurement of the picture’s outline and go out and buy the frame of your choice. They also cater for many different sizes and can provide you with a framing kit that is tailor made to your requirements.

To get your framing project going you will need a ‘horizontal’ kit as well as a ‘vertical’ kit. Then clear some space on your kitchen table and get ready to work. You might find you actually enjoy framing your own picture, and who knows if the end result looks good you may even phone up a framing company and ask for an interview.

If you are into art you will find this niche to be very interesting; maybe that’s why so many framing store in Greensboro keep popping up all over the place.

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penofone profile image

penofone 4 years ago

I lived in Greensboro for a while over off Highpoint Rd., a town so desolute in awareness of Art Guilders Association, I admit I did well there.

Nice Hub! go ART.COM

Anish Patel

Better Yourself profile image

Better Yourself 4 years ago from North Carolina Author

Thanks Anish! Greensboro is a great place - Hope you are doing well where you are now!

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