Custom Framing of Fine Art Pieces

What good is a beautiful piece of artwork if it isn't on the wall being enjoyed? But you cannot just nail the canvas to the wall. It's important to actually take the time to frame the canvas whether you are using a premade frame or a custom frame. When using a custom frame there are several factors one needs to consider in order to have the proper frame.

One very important step in framing fine art paintings is to stretch the canvas. This is often already done because artists stretch the canvas before they ever even begin their work. But if, for whatever reason, the canvas is not stretched when you buy it, it is not hard to re-stretch. All you need is four stretchers which are the four pieces of wood one usually finds behind canvas. Simply join the stretchers together in a frame, roll out the canvas, and place the stretchers on top. Make sure the side with the painting is face down but on a clean surface as you do not want to damage it. Then you simply staple the unpainted edges to the stretchers.

Always make sure the stretchers were joined at the right size so that you are not damaging the actual art by stapling it. Also, if you are uncomfortable with stretching the canvas just let the framers do it for you as they will know exactly what to do.

It is usually recommended to take your painting to a professional when getting it framed. The framers will understand what type of procedure to use to make sure your painting or photograph is not damaged in any way.

When choosing your frame, try to consider the place where it will most likely end up either permanently or for long term. Once the artwork is framed it is not difficult to have it re-framed but it is a waste of money and you always run the risk of having the artwork damaged through an accident. So, it is important to choose a frame that matches the decor but will also not take away from the artwork itself.

The frame is meant to finish off the artwork and make the entire thing look finished and classy. Therefore, it is important to choose a frame that does just that. Never forget that the frame is an accent of the artwork and the eye should never be drawn to the frame before it's drawn to the artwork.

Another important factor in custom framing is the framing service you plan on using. Try to make sure that the framers are trusted and competent since you don't want any damage done to your artwork that will end up costing you more money in the restoration process. Customer reviews and ratings are good ways to find the best businesses in your area.

Custom framing is the best way to fully display the artwork. Pre-made frames may not fit or would detract from the artwork as a whole. You wouldn't put Pino Art in any old frame. By using custom framing the artwork will retain its artistic integrity and will remain the piece you bought in the first place.

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